Project Toliman Juli, 26, 2004

The Stargate

Background - Part IV

So we, Hans-Juergen Kyborg and myself, continued our work in England and Germany in the past years. As a response to our work and with the support of many native and non-native but likeminded 'people' worldwide, 'lights' appeared in the course of our efforts some times and were witnessed by others.

In 1992, we supported the CSETI activities and encouraged the team to go down into a genuine formation near Alton Priors. In the course of their performance there the appearence of a "structured craft" near Woodborough Hill was wittnessed by four individuals.

In 1994, in the course of our activities around Silbury Hill, three individuals were involved of a close encounter of the third kind. We are in contact with these individuals. Unfortunately, the have been mislead by 'jet set ufo researchers' in the same year for a 'ufo-partytime' and, of course, I am sheltering them now.

In 1995, three women were gifted by a close encounter of a light sphere in the Cove, Avebury Henge, Wiltshire, which appeared during a meditation effort with teams on different locations covering a triangle of nearly 12 miles in the area of Avebury, Wiltshire, comprising most of the ancient neolithic sites there.

In July 1999, the landing of an unknown flying light was photographed at daylight on Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire, South England. Landing Ball of light,July 1999, on Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire, South England.

This photograph was taken by Heiner Neuhann from top of Knap Hill which is opposite Woodborough Hill. The UFO is marked with a red circle. Analysis of the picture gives a size of this object of about 4 m! At the time the picture was taken, the Ball of Light had already landed on the hill. Before that, it appeared high and left of the trees, changed flight path several times, hovered above the trees several times before it landed. Later it simply faded away. No landing traces were found on the meadow later. The landing site was inside an energy grid which we had activated from Germany (1300 km away !) several weeks before, our first 'Stargate'. Later on the same evening, our meditation with an international team was scheduled to take place there.

In July 2002, we expanded our work on this planet into a global meditation with numerous participants on sacred sites worlwide. The main goals were: to declare responsability for this planet, to bring back to balance what is out of balance and to minimize the negative energy of certain power centers by opening positive energy gates above these locations. And because of the great success and the worldwide support we decided to do another worldwide meditation in 2004: the Project Toliman!

For our Mother Earth,
Peace and Light
Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg
December 2003, Berlin, Germany