Project Toliman Juli, 26, 2004

The Stargate


In 1991, after two years of intensive, careful study and always caring for scientific standards as much as possible, we started with a breathtaking project on the spot in beautiful Wiltshire: the attempt to communicate with the genuine intelligence behind the so-called 'crop circle phenomenon'.

It was obvious that the symbols which were displayd in the fields have had a meaning and by analysing the phenomenon chronologically we found that through the years there was a development from simple signs to more complex designs.

HIEROGLYPHS are picture-like glyphs which in some ancient civilisations, especially in Egypt, served as a script.

Development of Cerealoglyphs through the years

CEREALOGLYPHS are picture-like glyphs combined from single symbols which appeared in English crop fields and which serve as a tool of providing information for all nations of this planet.

From the simple 'grapeshots' up to the sophisticated formations of 1989 it all reminded us of astronomical symbols: circling and encircling - as above so below. So we used "their symbolic language" and started the series of experiments by displaying a pictogram which contained the following information and question:

sketch experimental pictogram

Our "question pictogram" of July, 13th, 1991. We asked:

»Hello! Here we are from planet Earth (A), the third planet and its Moon in our solar system, which is approximately 4 lightyears (B) away from Alpha Centauri. The larger of these two suns (C and D) is Alpha Centauri A, the smaller one is Alpha Centauri B. We suggest that Alpha Cen A can have four planets. Do you come from one of these planets? If so please emphasize one of the rectangles at the numerical pointer of component C in the pictogram.«

Fragepic1991.jpg (21261 Byte)
Experiment 1991 from above

ExperimentInt1991.jpg (94484 Byte)
Koch& Kyborg 1991 inside component C

Within three days, beside other amazing and unexpected phenomena such as the so-called "secret circle" (genuine!) in the Copse Field and the legendary "Light in Polly's kitchen" we received an answer. It was the next pictogram in line and appeared in Prechute Downs on the Temple Farm. According to our astronomical theory we were able to decode it and it contained the following in formation:

The answer pictogram of July 17, 1991.

The "answer pictogram" of the unknown intelligence of July 17, 1991.

»Yes, you have understood. You are from planet Earth (A)which is the third (B) planet (C) of your solar system (D). Your planet has one moon (A). No, we do not come from Alpha Centauri but from a single star system (F). This star is similar to your Sun (D) but smaller and harbours two planets (E +G). One of these planets is important (E).«

The Answer
The Answer -Pictogram Prechute Down 1991

Antwortpic021991.jpg (97899 Byte)
Some black dressed visitors..

The Cerealogist No.12 We were the only foreign researchers at that time who received such an attention that to our surprise we got 8 (!) pages in "THE CEREALOGIST" No. 12, Summer 1994, and the cover photograph, too! So thank you again, Dear George Wingfield!

We continued our work as we have described it in our two books so far. In the same night as the Prechute Down pictogram appeared, in the very near distance, another one was given to humanity: the famous Barbury Castle pictogram which later was called " the mother of all pictograms". While our answer pictogram showed us WHAT we had to look for, the Barbury Castle pictogram showed us WHERE we had to look:

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For our Mother Earth,
Peace and Light
Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg
December 2003, Berlin, Germany