Joachim Koch & Hans-Jürgen Kyborg

NETWORK WORLDS (German: Vernetzte Welten)

ISBN: 3-930219-20-4

In contact with the cosmic matrix (German: In Kontakt mit der kosmischen Matrix)

Network Worlds...
  • is the long awaited continuation of the very successful book "The Answer of Orion" ("Die Antwort des Orion"), so far in this extent and with the background of genuine research the only German documentation of one of the most sensational events in human history

  • continues the chronology of the phantastic events from 1993 to 2001 in line of what happened in 1991 when a non-human intelligence placed encoded messages into pictograms in crop fields more than one hundred meter in  size in Southern England

  • is the presentation of new and surprising results of a more than twelve year long research in England and Germany about a phenomenon which fascinates many people all over the world

  • leeds you into the enigmatic landscape of Wiltshire in Southern England with its millennia old stone circles of Stonehenge und Avebury. There the authors were allowed to make contact to the unknown intelligence which was suggested to be impossible so far

  • describes the surprising discovery of a system of interacting energy grids in 1993 in the Wilcot Brow Field, the "Grids of the Unknowns". These grids are the "Rosetta-Stone" for the understanding of our reality

  • retells the fascinating and dramatic developments of co-ordinated multi-national meditations in 1994 to 2001 upon the rememnants of a once prevailing paneuropean neolithic culture. Still in place and while focussing mighty streams of human spiritual energy, close encounters with unknown aerial objects happened, wittnessed by many

  • includes the star maps of a non-human  design of a pictogram ("Sara's Circles") which was made visible in 1997 in Alton Barnes. After the identification of  the star HD 42807 this is another planetary system which might harbour life - another message for us all

  • is a documentation of coming closer in the understanding of a more-dimensional energy structure, its effect and the way how we can apply it terrestrically. Some understandable excursion into the fourth and higher dimensions follow

  • puts questions -- and answers them. Is there an all comprising structure of space which is used by higher intelligence for transport of information and matter? Are there gates to higher dimensions and other universes being activated inside the fields and upon the hills of Wiltshire which resembles the famous Einstein-Rosen-Bridges in the modification of the physicist Kerr ? Is man able to interact without special preparations with these structures? Is it just this knowledge which was hidden from the public by the mighty priests in ancient times and secret orders and power sytems in our times?

  • contains an understandable and detailled description to construct and to use dowsing rods. With these rods, everyone is able to detect hidden energy spots and to handle them. So this book presents a complete new view of our reality

  • explains by understandable examples the way how metal angle rods work by a comprehensive description of the magnetic and electromagnetic qualities of the human body and its interactions with local, terrestric and universal energy fields

  • has become as a quintessence of a 12 year long research enriched by the contact of a non-human intelligence to a real guide for the simple handling with cosmic energy fields, its manipulations and targetted application  in probable combined experiments to which we invite readers at the end of the book

  • takes the reader up on Woodborough Hill where in 1999 as another result of our work a glowing sphere of 4 m diameter appeared inside a tunnel of activated spactime structures (Ball of Light).  It is described, how it happened to activate special areas of interest   over a distance of more than 1300 km. The reader can  prove his/her abilities by the given instructions.

  • throws light on the enigmatic connection of the authors, the crop circle phenomenon and the intelligence behind it with Egypt at the time of the 18th Dynasty. HD 42807, Deir al-Bahari and the  tempel terrasses of Hatshepsut are connected by a kind of read thread. On the entrance court of this beautiful building in 1997, one year before our book "Die Antwort des Orion" was published,  one of the bloodiest massacres in Egypt's younger history happened

  • contains shocking analysis and statements of leading English and American crop circle researchers regarding the current state of the phenomenon and the related human activities (hoaxers). No other German publication deals with this subject so clearly

  • is, as its predecessor "Die Antwort des Orion", the only book in the German speaking part of Europe which exeedes the mere describing of graphic symbols and the speculation about its meaning. By scientific analysis of the phenomenon and a resulting astronomical theory to explain the symbolism completed by experimental research on the spot in England, the German team of Koch/Kyborg as the only one with this aim succeeded to grow towards a deeper understanding  of the interaction of humankind and the Universe. This is fully handed over to the readers

  • is a request for the public to remind itself  of the spirit which is the mightiest force that exists in the cosmos and to use it for the benefit of this planetary sphere.

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