The Crop Circle Phenomenon

Research and Results

...more than just flattened corn...
Joachim Koch and Hans-Juergen Kyborg


Attracted by the enigmatic crop circles and pictograms with often more than a hundred meter in size which appeared in the corn fields of Wiltshire, Southern England, Joachim Koch and Hans-Juergen Kyborg started more than 26 years ago to investigate this phenomenon of an obviously non-human intelligence which/who manifested there before the eyes of all mankind.

In the beginning, it seemed to be unbelievable to happen but: upon their question "Where are you from?" with the help of a similar constructed pictogram they received - and with this we all - in immediate answer to their work in the Summer of 1991 and 1992  by new pictograms again with encoded messages. Koch / Kyborg have been and still are the only German team who do their special research in this particular way with that overwhelming outcome. By exchanging astronomical information, they where gifted with an ongoing contact to this benevolent non-human intelligence which/who is behind the (few) genuine crop circles and pictograms .

With the now decoded symbols in  English corn fields we received, beside other, also information about two star systems near ( in astronomical terms) to our solar system which might harbour life. This cosmic enigma was hidden for thousands of years, for example in Egypt, and was re-discovered now.

Another result of this exchange of cosmic information is the growing awareness and understanding of the interaction of energy and matter and how to make use of it. This is the reason why we stepped forward in 1994 from mere looking at and wondering about the circles  to active work together with other researchers, friends and people from all over the world  who  also feel that our planet needs our - - your - - support more than ever before.

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