Joachim Koch und Hans-Juergen Kyborg 

For the past thirty years, the crop circle phenomenon has caught many people's imagination. The circles are primarily found in Southern England, where they continuously appear under mysterious circumstances - in the East Field at Alton Barnes, near Windmill Hill, Avebury, Stonehenge or elsewhere. Leaving all the many hoaxes aside, neither the source of the real crop circles (not humans, animals or nature itself) nor the technique under which they were constructed could be found or fully scientifically explained so far.

However, some individuals have continuously been trying to give the impression that all these circles are indeed of terrestrial origin and simply are a man-made hoax and the mainstream media willingly adopted this thesis. Despite all these ignorant and rather destructive activities, at least until the year 1992, it seemed as if an unknown intelligence of some kind was imprinting its so far unexplainable symbols into the landscape on a yearly basis, proving mankind its existence with vindictive beauty and sheer astuteness. It was informing us that it is highly important that we are made aware of its presence. Our task should be to work on these circles, even when there was no established room for them in our little world so chronically protected against any kind of change.

The first question most skeptics will ask when reminded of these circles is "How do you know they're real?!".This reaction is mostly connected to the fact whether the other person is still interested or just plainly cynical. Many wish there would be some kind of catalogue, a catalogue that is bursting with calculated results, preferably manifested within the prevalent natural sciences, proving the seemingly outlandish and extravagant origin of the crop circles.

Well, this catalogue actually exists. In "ORION'S ANSWER - Proof of a cosmic encounter", released in 1996 and published by Langen Mueller, Germany, we describe the background of a unique and fascinating project. Starting off as a rather premeditated experiment, it evolved into something we would could have never imagined - to constant contact with an intelligence whose origin is most likely not of a terrestrial background. In the summer of 1989 we began the theoretical analysis of the crop circles phenomenon, using only a limited amount of resources available in Germany at that point of time. We immediately recognised the substantial importance of these circles, because - omitting its mysterious appearances - we were familiar with the circumstances accompanying them, having been pointed out by several witnesses, regarding our extended research of the so-called UFO-phenomenon.

A s the number of publications grew, and Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado finally published their first book, we were finally able to investigate this spectacle in a more systematical manner. Obviously, there must be a certain meaning to these circles, something many other researchers have come to conclude. However, so far nobody has reached something of a scientific breakthrough. Because of that, the only reasonable explanation as to why these crop circles actually occur in this exceptionally beautiful landscape of Southern England was found to be one: serving as a means of communication.

After months of hard work and attentive research, we came to find some significant indications of a message most likely directed towards everybody on this planet. So in 1991 we left Berlin and began testing our hypotheses against the existing evidence in the fields of Wiltshire. In doing so, we used a methodology man has always come to trust: astronomy. We were working by the principle that the creators of the crop circles and us - defying all the physical and spiritual differences - are sharing the same home: the universe.

We have to emphazise that our numerous visits to England were assembled under private research and not under the assignment of any organisation whatsoever. We remained open-minded to everything expecting us. We would also like to point out that the pictograms, which we have been creating under permission of each of the farmers on a yearly basis, are not to be seen as forgeries, but as experimental formations. 

Without any difficulty we were able to get into contact with several of the local farmers and researchers, and towards some of them we developed a certain kind of companionship. We know that this is not something to be taken for granted, especially not for somebody coming out of Germany. From the beginning onwards, we decided to remain in the background of the crop circle-scenery, even though we have been involved in several related activities in Avebury throughout the past few years. Some of them were even initiated by us. We wanted to avoid being corrupted by several of the negative endeavours constrained upon the whole spectacle, which were embarked a couple of years ago. Thankfully we managed to withdraw ourselves from arrogance and self-conceit and didn't fling every single cognition we could find at the public. Time would prove us right.

At the beginning of the 1990s, a certain group of people in England started their own campaign against the crop circles and those related to the research; constantly growing mistrust and forgery were the consequence. The "Beckham Group", of which we happened to be two foreign members, fell to pieces. The audacious deeds of the self-proclaimed exposers came to effect within and without the whole scenery, but we managed to remain untouched by the whole debacle and continued our research - and made some considerable progress within our work.

This continuity is the main reason for us, to finally go public with the currently available data, after many years of extensive research and investigation. Many of you have greeted the news of the cropcircles' appearance with anticipation, everybody in their own personal way, depending on individual views and attitudes. Many of you realised that indeed something very special is happening. Others of you might have rejected the whole spectacle because in your opinion there was no room for "supernatural phenomena" in this world - everything should have a reasonable and legitimate explanation.

With the aforementioned book, released in all German-speaking countries, we would like to bring some hope to each and every one of you; the one group of people who always believed that something is out there in the universe, telling them not to give up and not to be pushed off their beliefs. But also to the other group, to provide them with something of an adventure in their rationally visualised and seemingly clarified environment, a journey of discovery into a vaster reality than the one we've seen before.