Joachim Koch und Hans-Juergen Kyborg 

Nonetheless, many crop circles, especially the ones discovered since 1993, were indeed formed by humans. Others are the result of natural, phyiscal, meterological or biological influence. However, some did develop under totally different circumstances. And yes, the phenomenon behind the latter ones does exist. Somebody's waiting on our doorstep. Somebody wants to speak with us.

Of course, you would also like to know why we are so sure of all this. Well, as we've mentioned before, the crop circles in England are an invitation and furthermore an offer to communicate. So we decided in the summer of 1991 to start communicating ourselves, by creating a single pictogram in a remote field, under permission of the local farmer. We recognised the suggestion implied by the phenomenon within the circles throughout the years. And this suggestion is a very simple one - astronomy.

The most simple entities we can all recognise from this planet are planets and stars. Like glowing crystals, they are easily recognisable within the utter blackness of the universe. It has never been our prime interest to simply discover the way in which these circles have been created. From the phenomenon of the unidentified flying objects and the adjoining circumstances, we are aware that we are faced with a technology we possibly don't know of and which is very much advanced to ours. The discoveries within the circles prove this point. Therefore, from the start we did not have any illusions that we could be the first ones to find out how the straws were compelled into such remarkable patterns. This overestimation of one's possibilities has been the main reason throughout the past why so many of the larger research campaigns delivered only a limited amount of results.

Our experiences and conclusions will challenge you. In our books "Die Antwort des Orion" ("Orion's Answer") and its continuation "Vernetzte Welten" ("Network Worlds") you will recognise common issues, but also discover something new. It is totally up to you what to make of all this. You are not supposed to move all your furniture or suddenly change your eating habits, because we didn't do anything like that - especially because it is the exterior features that are the least important. We have always remained the same as people. You can comfortably stay in your seat if you like, but you should at least continue to read because we solely want you to know what is happening. The experiments we ensued were also assembled in your interest. The focal point of our efforts was to try and understand the context of the formations. This, alongside having a strong spirit and an open heart, is the only way to be able to comprehend and to discover more about the phenomenon of the crop circles.

And indeed, thanks to this concept, we were successful in our experiments since starting them in July 1991. During this period we asked a first graphical question with an astronomic context...

Experimentalpiktogramm 1991 Copyright Koch/Kyborg

                                                                           A                 B                    C                           D 

Pic: Explanation for experimental pictogram No.1, 13th July 1991, Alton Barnes with components A-D: "Hello! We are  from Planet Earth (A), the third planet of our solar system, which is approx. 4 light years (B) in distance from Alpha Centauri. The bigger one of the two suns which are displayed here (C and D) is Alpha Centauri A, die snaller one is Alpha Centauri B. We suggest that Alpha Cen A may host four planets. Do you come from one of these planets? If so, would you please enlarge the rectangle in question on the four-fingered appendix at Alpha Cen A in the pictogram. " 


... - three days later we got a reply: 


Antwortpiktogramm Preshute Down 1991 Copyright Koch/Kyborg

                                                                              A                                B                                C


Pic: Explanation for the "Answer Pictogram" 17th July 1991, Preshute Down.17. 7.1991, Preshute Down with components A-C: "Yes, you understand the principle. You are from planet Earth (A), the third planet of your solar system (B). Your planet has one moon. No, we don't come from Alpha Centauri but from a single star system. Our star is similar to yours but smaller and has two planets (C). One of these planets is important" 

Many of you will know that pictogram at Temple Farm (above), its two shortened repeats at Alton Priors and East Kennet, found on the day of our depature and later on, when we had already arrived home - and of course the pictogram of Barbury Castle. To our amazement, we realised that this pictogram resembles a correlation occuring during winter, laid in the centre of the "winter-hexagon", which is a huge, almost circular, formation of stars, named thus by astronomers. Everybody who has once taken a look at one of the main stars in this beautiful constellation during winter fulfills one of the messages in the crop circles: to gaze at it and to ponder. And as soon as Sirius, the brightest star in the entire firmament, has risen over the horizon, deep in the South, one sees why people were once so genuinely moved by it, why they decided to shift huge rocks in order to build pyramids.

If you have any doubt whether you made the right decision to let our books guide you through space and time, we can assure you that everything we describe has substantially happened. The story we are about to tell you is arguably one of the most fascinating and phenomenal of our time. It is as real as the words you are reading at this very moment. We - and in the forthcoming future you as well - know now that things we discover in the presence have already existed in the past and will be acknowlegded in the future.

The year 1992 was more or less the turning point of the crop circle saga, even though unnoticed by many. One could say that it was at this time when the crop circles lost their innocence. The incredible formation found in Tawsmead Field was the last real pictogram we saw at Alton Barnes up until 1995. The phenomenon itself didn't totally disappear, but it was in 1992 when its appearance changed from the invisible to the visible.

Along with the pensioners Doug and Dave - who didn't fabricate all the pictograms, as it was claimed, but only a few (including the early "insectograms") - Robert Irving became the main swindler within the crop circle scene in 1992. Since then, he has crafted many complex formations into the fields of Southern England. He worked very closely with Jim Schnabel, a previous "member" of the CIA(?), who was working for the DDI (Deputy Director of Intelligence) at the CIA-headquarters in Virginia. The official alibi given for Schnabel's visit to England was that he was working on a study scheme for the University of Oxford. And with the false crop circles, the duo also ascended baloons - or rather mere UFO-dummies - into the air, sometimes set alight, at other times coloured with flourescent paint. The main purpose of this audacious project was to seriously disrupt the experiments of the CSETI-group at Alton Barnes the same Summer.

Dickinson started to collaborate. Soon, a whole web of hoaxers developed, some of them working collectively. This resulted in highly complicated crop circle designs in 1994, some of them created by Lundberg and Dickinson, sometimes with a little help from Irving. Alongst many others, they created designs such as the "Froxfield Flower" (4th August 1994), the "Spider Web" near Avebury (10th and 11th August 1994) and the huge scorpion-like formations found in the same area during that period of time. Apart from Schnabel, who stayed in America after the publication of his book, all the aforementioned hoaxers are still operating. Also involved was one Adrian Dexter, to whom some lads from the German FGK were in contact with. Julian Richardson, and the so-called "UBI-team" (which later changed its name to "The Dodmen" after the accomplishment of their "snake-pictogram" at East Field) also succeeded in causing a lot of damage with their massive pictograms. They were able to brilliantly copy many of the circles originally created for the phenomenon, mainly because the basic formations were there to see.

Nonetheless, all these hoaxers seemed to find themselves unable to create a genuine field of energy, needed in order for the formation to be successful. Some of the formations were laid on water-springs, others in fields with subterrean water pipes or electric wiring, to trick the Dowsers - a strategy proved successful every now and then. Often used were also the old leylines, which was supposed to give the impression the pictogram was not made by human hand.

However, despite all these forgeries and negative accomplishments, we decided to continue our work. There were two substantial reasons for this; one was our friendship with some of the most important people within the crop circle scene. Another reason was the fact that we had official access to some facilities which were totally out of reach to other foreigners. We avoided all queries, but also managed not to tell anybody of our activities and achievements, even though there were enough people out there who were just waiting to grasp such information in order to publicise it or send it on to someone else. We stayed faithful to our principles and the phenomenon - and the phenomenon stayed faithful to us.

In 1991 we made the substantial breakthrough; the phenomenon replied immediately and more or less introduced itself. This way, we came to realise that this intelligence was quite familiar with our history and background. The knowlegde of the star and its surrounding environment has been around for millennia on this planet.

In ancient times, it was perceived to be the most important of the entire firmament. At the three-thousand year old grave of Senenmut, an exceptional personality during the eighteenth dinasty in the days of pharao Hatchepsut, we discovered an authentical map leading to this star. We can prove that this star is definitely the star we found in the circles; HD 42807. In the pyramid texts, it is the star, on which "Gods are born..." Something else which supported our amazing discovery was the confirmation that the position of the Gizeh pyramids (near the ancient capital of Memphis) is a direct terrestrial illustration of Orion and the star we just identified. Also, many of the ancient structures built on the three continents are astronomically directed towards this particular region of space.