The most comprehensive chronology of a world famous phenomenon -- the Crop Circles in England: the making of  contact by a non-human intelligence! 

"Network Worlds" (German:"Vernetzte Welten") 

is the long awaited and so far unique documentation of a sentational event: 

By crop circle formations, more than a hundred meter in diameter, humankind received the encoded message of a non-human intelligence.  In the county of  Wiltshire, the authors managed to get in contact to the intelligence which /who is behind the genuine crop circles. This was achieved by the exchange of astronomical information. 

After more than 12 years of intensive theoretical and practical research of this phenomenon  in England and Germany both authors now present the second part of their outstanding work.

Part II of the chronology - the years  1993-2000 - how we stayed in contact... book cover of Koch/kyborg's second Book: Vernetzte Welten


  1. Reprise
  2. The next round
  3. Wilcot Brow
  4. The grids of the Unknowns
  5. The return to the circles
  6. Rabbit Holes III
  7. The signs increase
  8. Koch/Kyborg 1994
  9. A UFO at Silbury Hill
  10. The big triangle
  11. Great expectations
  12. Close Encounter in Avebury
  13. The light of Alton Priors
  14. Worlds inbetween
  15. Blueprints
  16. Encounter in the Sanctuary
  17. Remote activities
  18. Experiments in Cornwall
  19. Saras Circles
  20. Hatschepsut
  21. Looking through a glass onion
  22. Murder at Djeser Djeseru Amun
  23. Of rods and grids
  24. Dimensions
  25. Remote effects
  26. Encounter of the worlds
  27. Millenium
  28. Universum
  29. Präludium

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