written by
Joachim Koch and Hans-Jürgen Kyborg

©1993,1995, Berlin, Germany English version co-edited by Doug Girling, Vancouver, Canada,©1995

10. Pictures and Charts

(added February, 2016)

Much time passed by since we first published our "New Discoveries in Betty Hill's Star Map". We have added this section here to show you some pictures from Google maps and charts done with the modern astronomy software "Redshift 7".

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Area of Hill's abduction just south of Indian Head First, we thought it would be good to show you where the abduction took place in that remarkable night. Barney drove the car and since they spotted the UFO, they had stopped several times on their way south on Route 3. They passed by Cannon Mountain, entered a wooded area, stopped near The Flume, drove on and passed a small motel just beyond and finally stopped again on the center of the road near Indian Head where the incident unfolded. Note that this Google Maps picture to the left was taken in Summer 2015, 54 years after the incident and shows much more buildings as there were in the past. When Betty and Barney drove along Route 3 in Sept. 1961, that small motel south of The Flume was the first sign of life they had seen for many miles.

The sky at the time of the abduction While they were driving along the seemingly totally deserted road, Betty watched the bright and large Moon. To the left and slightly below it there was a particularly bright star, perhaps a planet, she thought. Here to the left you can see the night sky as Betty saw it around midnight. The green line marks the horizon. See the crescent Moon and below left Jupiter, to the lower right is Saturn which is dimmer and it also could have been blocked by the mountains.

Ashland - where the Hills became          conscious again after the abduction After the second set of beeps at the end of the abduction Betty and Barney found themselves conscious again in the moving car with Barney at the wheel. A sign told them that they were in the vicinity of Ashland, thirty-five miles south of Indian Head. The picture left shows the whole area.

Our Solar System without the orbits of Uranus and Neptune This is a view from behind and above Saturn towards the ecliptic plane of our Solar System. The orbits of the asteroids and Uranus and Neptune are not shown.

A close-up of our Solar System A close-up of the central parts of our Solar System again without orbits of the asteroids.

The central part of our Solar System with planetary and asteroid orbits Again a close-up of the central parts of our Solar System, this time with the orbits of the planets and the 6 asteroids. As you can see, it goes crisscross, round and round and up and down.

The central part of our Solar System with planetary and asteroid orbits, now seen edge on Again a close-up of the central parts of our Solar System with the orbits of the planets and the 6 asteroids. We have changed our position down to azimut 0° and are looking towards the center edge on. Again you can see, it goes crisscross and up and down.

Watch the changes of the pattern as you change perspective. So it is obvious that only a specific angle of sight has to be looked for to produce the final matching pattern - as Betty had seen it aboard the spaceship.

The final matching Hill pattern That is the matching Hill pattern! It developed celestially during the following month and it seemd as if the aliens had implanted this view in Betty as a kind of exercise. If she would show interest what this map could be she had the time to find out in the immediate time span after the incident and would find a matching pattern in the only astronomic area Betty knew something about - our Solar System.

Isn't it wonderful to watch our Solar System from this vantage point against the background stars? In fact it is nothing else than the star constellation of Orion and the whole "Winter Circle" or "Winter Hexagon", one of the most mythologically heavy loaded regions of the sky. Is this all just by chance or was it intended? Was it a hint to more information? Today we know much more about the "Gods and Goddesses" of ancient Sumer and Egypt and there are many hints towards this celestial region in the history of these cultures. Thousands of years before, the Megalithic Culture erected huge stone structures in Europe, most of them orientated towards the "Winter Circle". And then Jupiter and Saturn in the same region of the ecliptic: do both create a possible "Star Gate" when they "meet" in space? In the past there was much speculation about Jupiter and Saturn regarding their anomalies. But so far, no statistic exists if there were more Ufo activities during such a "Great Conjunction".

Since the "Star Map" became known to a wider public there have been much debates about the veracity of the incident in general and the map especially - as it always was and is in ufology when someone saw or experienced something like an ufo or an encounter of the fourth kind. Additionally, very soon the astronomical establishment honoured Marjorie Fish's work and since then the Hill's experience was named "The Zeta Reticuli Incident". So it was hard for different interpretations of the map to stand against or even to survive. Even Stanton Friedman who interviewed Betty personally, refused to accept any other interpretation than Fish's. On the website of Marjorie Fish's orbituary we found something we didn't know so far and - with great respect for the deceased- would like to present it here:

As one of her hobbies, Marjorie made an investigation into the Betty Hill map by constructing a 3-D star map in the late 1960's using several databases. She found a pattern that matched Mrs. Hill's drawing well, which generated international interest. Later, after newer data was compiled, she determined that the binary stars within the pattern were too close together to support life; so as a true skeptic, she issued a statement that she now felt that the correlation was unlikely.

We resarched this unknown statement and found a website which might explain everything.

But as we wrote above, our approach to the whole story was a different one as we had no other data than the accounts of Betty during Dr. Simon's hypnosis sessions and her post-hypnotic drawings. And from the texts it came clear that the "leader" aboard the craft might have had the intention to tell Betty more about his homeport - but he didn't. Instead he stopped this conversation when he became aware that Betty knew nearly nothing about Space. So we took the texts litterally and started with the most obvious - the search for a matching pattern inside our own Solar System around the time of the abduction. The result of our work is presented here. We hope you enjoyed the trip through our Solar System with us, keep an open mind and never trust the establishment!