Update June 2021

Medicine Wheel 2021 - Over the Hills and Mountain Tops

An international Project on Sunday, July 25, 2021

The "Green Day of Mother Earth"

Let's create one, two three - many Medicine Wheels!

Send the Power of Thoughts to the Waters of the Earth!

The project "Medicine Wheel 2021" is gaining momentum again, which is why I would like to briefly outline its basic features once again in this update.

People have known for a very long time about the effect of the spiritual power. This has been classified as "secret knowledge" throughout the ages and has been used throughout all known times as a means of political or religious power and was therefore only accessible to a few.

In our time this has changed significantly, the boundaries of science are no longer "esoteric" as they were a few decades ago, knowledge about man as an integral part of his environment and the resulting interactions are growing exponentially. Through focused use of our mental power we can influence both the physical and the spiritual. This is what we want to achieve together within our planetary sphere on 25 July 2021.

The reasons for becoming active now are clear to everyone when looking in the four cardinals.

A ceremony is particularly effective if it takes place in a good, important place and has a certain sequence of steps. This is why we have chosen the design and image of a "medicine wheel", as the First Nations of North America introduced it and still use it. We hope that this will also make it easier for us to reach indigenous peoples around the world, whom we respect and ask for help with this project.

Therefore I have chosen the current geographical centre of Germany near Niederdorla in Thuringia as the centre for the Medicine Wheel and have given it a radius of about 71 km. With this it reaches several historically and mythically important mountain ranges in 4 federal states. The vision is to reach and move as many people as possible, to gather at mystical, mythical or other places of power on or near these mountain ranges on 25 July 2021 at 15:00 local time (= 13:00 UT) and from there to connect with all the other people who may be celebrating the same ceremonial event individually or in teams all at the same time in other places.

This is to be an open-air gathering of independent, free people, all of whom are of good will and who want to change the conditions here to the better. A proposal for individual elements of the ceremony will be given in later newsletters.

As is traditional, our medicine wheel has now been given colours. In a so far unique initiative, 24 selected women of different origins have intuitively chosen 4 colours in majority and assigned them to the 4 cardinal points. Thus - and this has never happened before - this spiritually initiated structure, which has now already been erected around the geographical centre of Germany, has been given completely female energy. A successful connection with the local landscape, the planet and beyond is thus well prepared for the 25.07.2021. A picture with the colours can be seen here.

Nearly all participants of 2020 have already signed up and will come to the centre of Germany or to the Museum Opfermoor very near by (approx. 100 m) or at their favourite places distributed all over Germany. More details may come in later newsletters.

The mailing list has grown and a Facebook page is also set up. A major part of the current work is to maintain these pages and lists and to make contact to indigenuous people which is momentarly very difficult. Many "global" invitations were coming in in the past which annoyed many of the tribes.

With the beginning of July we will try to maintain the existing international connections and to establish new ones. Princeton University will accompany our project with its "Global Consciousness Project".

If you live abroad we would kindly ask for your support so that we could link up as an individual or team on that very day, July 25th, 2021, at 13:00hrs UT. You could go to your favourite place or create a medicine wheel on your own for the ceremony. It would be great and even more powerful if we could create a chain of wheels one time around the planet! Please make contact, see the email address link below! Thank you!

I kindly would appreciate it if you could distribute and disseminate this newsletter everywhere and also refer to the website and Facebook page and the mailing list.

For our planet!

We are One.

Joachim Koch 22.06.2021