Update July 8, 2020

Medicine Wheel 2020 - Over the Hills and Mountain Tops

Saturday, July 25, 2020

The "Green Day of Mother Earth"

Let's create one, two three - many Medicine Wheels!

Full text Newsletter No. 05 (08. July 2020)

Dear friends and those interested in the "Medicine Wheel Project 2020",

the 25th of July is approaching. Today I publish a more detailed newsletter with recommendations for the preparation and implementation of peace meditation. It is free for your use, forwarding etc.

Corona and the restrictions that come with it have prevented some of our preparations, e.g. getting more people together, even worldwide. So now it is up to all of us here to establish the medicine wheel and from there to channel positive energy into the world.

Many of you, if not all, are spiritually experienced. So each of you have developed your own methods of meditation. The great experiences of the past decades have shown us that for a common meditation to be effective it is important that everyone does the same thing at the same time. Therefore I ask you to read the recommendations carefully and to proceed accordingly. If you have any questions, please write to me.

You will also find three pictures which you can print out for further use. Picture 1 is a view of our planet Earth.

Our beautiful Planet

This picture should be visualized in part 1 of the meditation.

Picture 2 is the colored medicine wheel around the geogr. center of Germany.

The colors of the German Medicine Wheel

Picture 3 shows an example of a simple, small medicine wheel, as you can easily make it yourself at the place of your meditation. There are no limits to your imagination.

Example how to build a small Medicine Wheel on the spot

The pictures 1 and 2 are suitable to be printed and put into the medicine wheel. If you would like to meditate on it before or charge it energetically (and thus the shown object), you can do so. A burning, white candle placed on top of it will intensify the effect and crystals even more.

At the beginning of the year I had planned to create a flyer. But with the uncertain situation of the last months many of the original texts would have been invalid.

Please let me know, if you know, where you would like to meditate. I would be grateful for one (or more) photos/videos, also with you on them, if you don't mind to appear on my/our site later. This will motivate more people to join in next time.

What you should do before:

It would be helpful and important to develop a more conscious relationship with water from now on. The best thing is to start the day with a glass of water and to say a confirmation aloud, like "I am at peace and may the world be" or whatever is important to you. If you come into contact with water, even when washing your hands, feel gratitude and friendship. If you are in the shower, give yourself one minute at the end and feel the crackling and the energy of flowing as a gift and try to harmonize your own 70% water content with this flowing energy.

Hydrogen and oxygen are cosmic components, as old as the universe itself. To harmonize with them is also to connect with the information that these elements bring with them. And cosmic connection is an essential part of the activity on 25 July. Water is the bridge to all living things.

With the help of these little actions we slowly raise the energy level in preparation for the event.

July 25th, during the day:

Floats into this day with anticipation. Each group or individual should build a small medicine wheel on site. This can be done with the simplest means, the main thing is to create a circle with the two diagonals. In each quarter you put something with the colour of the big medicine wheel. Whether it is a piece of cardboard or a colored stone or something colored, it does not matter. And then you might put in things that are symbolic of or serve something that is important to you. And if you had a small compass and you turned the wheel to the north - wonderful!

This little wheel on the spot is an essential part of your connection to the big wheel, especially for those who are accompanying the meditation from home and cannot get to any of the forests and heights on or near the circle line.

Make the day in harmony and stay away from any trouble if you can. Avoid stress. And if something doesn't work out right away, it will work out later. Think of the evening with joy. If you feel like it, take instruments with you (anything that somehow makes a sound) or your meditative music on MP3 or CD and let it sound or ring out during the day or on your ways.

Once you have taken your chosen place - there too you can have a cleansing and energizing effect with singing and/or sounds. How much time you bring along before - maybe even for a picnic - is up to you. The more, the better.

The evening of 25 July:

The core area of peace meditation is set from 6:00 to 7:00 pm UT. This is always a nice evening ambiance, especially since the evening is lighter in summer.

Before, around 5:45 p.m. UT, "The Covenant of mankind with the living Earth" should be read out at every place, the text of which was written by Eutonnah. Her origin is reflected in her name. She was half Cherokee and through kinship also had North American Osage (Aniwasasi) and Delaware (Lenape) roots. Her father was Norwegian. Although born in the USA, she had lived most of her life in Canada in the heart of the Indian country in Ontario. She was nominated three times for the 'Canada's Aboriginal Achievement Award'. Eutonnah (in Cherokee: oo-tah-nah) demonstrated her love for humanity through her work and her way of life.

We have had this text read out with great success at all major meditations so far, it unlocks the actual meditation. While the text is read out, one should try to imagine the areas of life and beings addressed.

If you want, you can let sounds resound again at 18:00 o'clock UT and then float into the meditation hour. Of course, you can also stop a little earlier or even do it longer. In the last decades it has become clear that it is extremely successful if everyone does the same thing at the same time. That's why this hour is a bit structured and has three parts.

Part 1 (about 20 minutes):

I myself prefer to sit comfortably and count down from 10 to 0 with even, deep breaths and thus reach a meditative state of rest. Everyone may have his own technique. The head is empty and free, disturbing everyday thoughts are pushed aside.

First visualize a protective shell around the place and you. Then try to see the Earth as a blue and white planet. If you like, you can also imagine an approach through our planetary system towards the Earth and thus take the power of the outer planets with you. Very powerful! When you have the Earth in front of you, surround it with a shell of white, protective, healing light.

Now fly closer to the Earth, hover over Europe and see our coloured Medicine Wheel in the middle of Germany. Move closer, feel the power and vibration of the colours and the other participants on and with the circle and the external supporters. Connect with them, let the energy circle clockwise. This is essential for the success of the whole.

Part 2 (about 20 min.):

You have visualized the Earth with the white shell of light, you have seen the colored Medicine Wheel, you have connected with the other participants. According to experience, now everybody gets into the deepest and strongest part of the meditation. So from the 30th minute on paranormal phenomena often appeared. But apart from that, now in the 2nd part we have to start the healing phase. Everyone should now visualize where he/she wants to direct his/her energy.

These are now areas in which many negative things have manifested themselves and which we encounter there. But our planetary and personal-local protective shell will help to prevent incursions. The violations that have been and will be inflicted on our Mother Earth, the wars that are going on, the injustice regimes, the human rights violations, what humans do to other humans at present, what humans do to flora and fauna - there are many areas that need our positive energy. Pick something out and work on it. Hover over your places/areas/people and let your energy flow in from above. It will not be easy during meditation, but it will be successful if we are strong together.

Part 3 (about 20 min.):

Now leave the healing areas and devote yourself to the beings that may already have come to you or that you know or that you wish to come to you. This also includes those intelligences who may have been here on Earth earlier and observe our activities here. Tell them that we regard our earth as a cosmic gift and wish to remain connected to them further and stronger. Feel lighter, more joyful now - and end the meditation according to your own feelings.

After the meditation:

Look at yourself, rejoice, for it is done. The Medicine Wheel is permanently established and can now be used again at any time for meditation/healing. Talk about what you just experienced, write it down and tell us about it, no matter how detailed and no matter how long. Take pictures of you and your place and send them to me. I would like to draw more spokes into the medicine wheel from all the places where you have been and I am already curious to see how it will become more and more diverse.

I plan to include this Medicine Wheel, now existing for all times, in future international events. The geogr. center of Germany and the Medicine Wheel surrounding it will now always be a source of positive planetary energy - and you have brought this about.

Thank you!

Joachim Koch
July 8,2020