Joachim Koch & Hans-Jürgen Kyborg


Evidence of a Cosmic Encounter
They have answered

Short description of the content of the book
"The Answer of Orion"

Chapter 1: "Hope"
Introduction of the background of the crop circle phenomenon in Southern England, explanation of the author's intentions regarding their research and confirmation that everything in the book happened as it is described.

PART I- A Time of Learning

Chapter 2: "The Development of a Phenomenon"
Who is who in the crop circle world.

Chapter 3: "The Phenomenon and Humankind"
About the difficulties to cope with a modern myth and how people try to reject things which do not fit in our daily course of life.

Chapter 4: "The Beginning"
How astronomy influenced the author's lifes and how they happen to deal with UFOs and crop circles. Personal background and experiences.

Chapter 5: "Chemical Formula?"
First tries to identify a scientific meaning behind the crop circles. How things started which later brought the authors to England.

Chapter 6: "The Way to the Stars"
The exciting discovery of astronomical information contained in the arrangement of crop circles in the fields. First hints that the intelligence behind the crop circles tries to communicate with the help of these cerealoglyphs.

Chapter 7: "The Analysis of the Circles"
Collecting data about the circles which appeared up to 1990.

Chapter 8: "A brief graphic Survey"
Presentation of the main types of cirles and pictograms as they appeared in chronological order. This was the first time that the chronological order was consequently reviewed. By this way of analysing the intelligent evolution of the phenomenon emerged dramatically.

Chapter 9: "The Discovery of the Principles of the Crop Circles"
The sensation! The authors succeded to find recurring principles within the patterns of the various formations. Amazingly, these principles contained  basic cosmological knowledge.

Chapter 10: "The Analysis of the Formations of 1990"
Analysis of the pictograms of 1990 where further principles (ten so far) could be found. With the help of these principles the authors were able to decode all the pictograms - which seemed to be impossible half a year ago. The intelligence behind these patterns had shown how to explain graphically the existence of single and double Star Systems with satellites (planets).

Chapter 11: "The Decoding of the Mega-Pictograms of Alton Barnes, 1990"
These pictograms became known worldwide and challenged everyone. The authors were able 10 decode them and found additional two principles of meaning (now twelve all in all). They also discovered a pictogram clearly displaying our planet Earth which they later used as a "calI-sign" in their future communications with the non-human intelligence.

Chapter 12: "Some more Pictograms in Analysis"
By the end of July 1990 and the beginning of August some more very complex pictograms appeared. These challenged the authors but with the help of their twelve principles they were able to decode them. Further information of triple star systems surfaced.

Chapter 13: "Alpha Centauri"
After the completion of the astronomical theory about the meaning of the crop circles the authors decided to test it on the spot in England. They chose the Alpha Centauri triple star system to be displayed in their first experiment.This chapter describes how they came across Alpha Centauri and it contains all basic astronomical information about this star system.

PART II- A Cosmic Friendship

Chapter 14: "Avebury - first Meetings"
The authors arrived in Avebury, Wiltshire, which is a huge henge where in the past 80 standing stones formed a large ring. By several strange coincidences they found the Windmill House and started to investigate the pictograms in Alton Barnes and in Rockley Downs. Amazingly, at the time of their arrival four new pictograms appeared clearly showing the features they had elaborated in their astronomical theory.

Chapter 15: "Rabbit Holes"
First contact with one of the most important farmers in the area and the permission to do the experiment in a remote field named Rabbit Holes. Reports of strange lights in the night sky around Alton Barnes. More contacts to locals, first visitation of the field.

Chapter 16: "The Experiment"
Description of the fieldwork on the first experimental formation, the ,,question pictogram" of July 13th, 1991.

Chapter 17: "The Phenomenon shows up"
Immediately after the work on the pictogram a genuine circle is discovered nearby which causes great excitement all around.

Chapter 18: "The Lightning in Polly's Kitchen"
July l6th - three days after the experiment - and no new pictogram has appeared so far. An official team from the CCCS investigates the small circle and declares it to be not man-made. Sitting afterwards in the kitchen of the farm and drinking a cup of coffee, the whole team wittnesses a close encounter of the third kind with a white light which
fills the whole room so that no one can see each other for a few moments.

Chapter 19: "The Answer"
July 17th - two new pictograms appeared at night at Temple Farm and below Barbury Castle. The whole area is in uproar. The authors visit the one at Temple Farm and find it to be a direct answer to their question. All the features of their theory are shown just like a confirmation: "Yes, you have understood!". Now they know that they have to look for a single star which harbours two planets and not for Alpha Centauri. But where?

Chapter 20: ,,Secret Activities"
Review of obvious affempts to shadow the authors by intelligence agency. Account of  "Operation Blackbird", a military attempt to fool English researchers.

Chapter 21: "The Mother of all Pictograms"
The story of the great pictogram at Barbury Castle which also appeared on July l7th. Never before a similar pictogram of such a complexity was seen. And a preliminary review showed again astronomical information. At that time the authors hoped to decode even this pictogram but had no idea what they really were about 
to reveal.

Chapter 22: "The Phenomenon"
Description of some of the characteristics the phenomenon had shown in the past - something to smile and something to think about.

PART III- The Message from the Stars

Chapter 23: "Greetings from England"
Already back in Germany the authors got news that two additional ,,answer pictograms" appeared, one exactly on the day they left, another only a few days later. Description of these formations and preparations for the decoding 
of the Barbury Castle pictogram.

Chapter 24: "The Search for a Solution"
The beginning of the decoding procedure. The authors are able to find relevant information about a region in the sky but don't know where to look at. Further work on details is necessary.

Chapter 25: "HD 42807"
The fascinating story how the authors succeeded to decode the Barbury Castle pictogram. With the help of the two pictograms of July l7th they found a sun-like star in a very special region in the sky: in the centre of the "Winter 
Hexagon". According the information encoded in the pictograms this sun must have at least two planets wherof
one might harbour life because of its orbit in the ecosphere - intelligent life?

Chapter 26: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
The authors discover more and more details about the centre of the ,,Winter Hexagon" and prove that the Barbury Castle pictogram is a complete copy of the centre part of this region in the sky. This chapter provides astronomical knowlegde about the astrophysical conditions of stars, explains the "Hertzsprung-Russel-Diagram" and conditions for life on planets orbiting their star within the ",habitable life zone". Description how to find HD428O7.

Chapter 27: "HD 42807, the Winter Hexagon and Archeoastronomy"
By their research the authors discover that the Winter Hexagon and HD 42807 within was a focus of nearly all ancient cultures. Many of the main ancient buildings such as pyramids in Egypt and South America, stone circles in Europe and medicine wheels in North America are astronomical orientated towards this region of the Winter sky.

Chapter 28: "Nibiru"
In the Sumerian astronomy and creation myth the legendary celestial body Nibiru plays a major role. The authors find astonishing evidence that Nibiru is HD 42807!

Chapter 29: "The Secret of Senenmut"
The story and description of the astronomical ceiling in the tomb of Senenmut in Thebes, Egypt, who lived in the 18th Dynasty in the reign of Ihe only female Pharao Hatshepsut. The ceiling contains a major secret which the authors were able to detect and to reveal! The breathtaking outcome is the fact that HD42807 was already known to the Egyptians. Furthermore is plays a central role in their mythology: it is the star where the Gods were born. The authors find numerous examples for descriptions and direct links to this star in the famous Pyramid Texts. They find HD42807 also represented in the famous Zodiac in Hathor's Temple at Dendera as Horus the Hawk. lt is the star other researchers who were dealing with astronomical alignments of the pyramids at Gizeh couldn't identily. So the intelligence behind the crop circle phenomenon of 1991 reminded us of ancient knowledge of more than 3500 years ago. Are ,,they" the same who brought wisdom to the ancient cultures?

PART IV - A Time Of Understanding

Chapter 30: "1992- Preparations for the second Experiment"
Preparations for the second experiment, description of the design of the new "question pictogram".

Chapter 31: "Rabbit Holes II"
How the authors created their second experimental pictogram asking for some physical evidence or a physical meeting with the intelligences. New pictograms appeared. Something about the increasing hoaxing of pictograms.

Chapter 32: "Energy"
The memorable flight of July 18th, 1992. While in the air, the aeroplane encounters strange energy tubes which affects both crew and aeroplane. This was the physical meeting the authors had asked for. Another item is introduced by Ihe intelligence the authors should deal with in the future: energy.

Chapter 33: "The UFO of Woodborough Hill"
How the authors advised a special research team from America to use these energy tubes as amplifiers for their efforts. A few nights later, the team had a closer encounter with an unidentified structured fiying object. Description of the event.

Chapter 34: "Crop Circles - the Next Generation"
Resumee of what happened so far and outlook into the future. Because this book is a chronolgy of events in 1991/1992, future events in the crop circle world regarding Koch~Kyborg's research and activities are briefly mentioned to maintain reader's interest in a follow-up of this book. In the following years (1993-2001), the authors continued their work and received further information about the energies involved in this phenomenon. They developed a model of an energetic structure of space - and maybe space-time - and how the intelligences are using this. They went deeply inside the understanding of ancient stone circles and their role and interaction inside an energetic network as a cosmic superstructure.

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