The Avebury Stone Avenue (ASA) Project - - July 24, 2002

  • 1st Anouncement of the AVEBURY STONE AVENUE (ASA) PROJECT -- July 24, 2002


Dear Friends,

In the past years, many of you who visited the magic landscape of Wiltshire, Southern England, came in contact with a beautiful and seemingly enigmatic phenomenon: the crop circles. And many of you have experienced why this phenomenon decided to appear in the vicinity of the old stones of Avebury.

Walking along the Ridgeway from Barbury Castle where once in 1991 the "mother of all pictograms" emerged from the morning mist along the Avebury Down towards East Kennet, the lovely Summer Sun above, the skylarks joyfully singing in the air is an unforgettable experience. With every step you do upon these sacred miles, more and more you become a part of it. Every breath you take makes you feeling stronger, you're  inhaling the smell of our Mother Earth, in fact you are floating along one of the oldest pathways through this lovely country.

Sitting on the Wandsdyke Path looking down to the whole panorama with Oldbury, Cherhill, the Monument and Windmill Hill in the West, Beckhampton, Silbury Hill in front and Lurkely Hill with West Overton in the East makes you feel as if your heart has not enough room to beat inside your chest.

Lying on top of Silbury at midnight in its thick and smooth grass, feeling the stored energy streaming upwards through every molecule of your transitory tissue, watching the universe with its diamond-like sparkling  eyes looking down on you makes you simply crying.

Do you remember?

And within this landscape and above there is, as Ron once said, the Cosmic Smile, which we find is one of the best descriptions of this Intelligence which is behind the genuine phenomenon which still exists beside the human part of it.

Hans and I started our work in England in 1991 and since then, we have done remarkable experiments with sometimes a spectacular outcome such as for example in 1999 when an approx. 4m light sphere landed on Woodborough Hill where we previously had activated a moredimensional energy pattern. We stayed in the background in the first years and came forward by the time because it became more and more clear that there is intention and meaning in this phenomenon, not for us few but for all of us, for whole mankind.

And as we learned more and more, we started the meditations in the powerspots of the area where we always had activated powerful grid stuctures - our found them already being activated by the Phenomenon as a kind of cooperation.

So the Intelligence has shown us powerful tools to work with and as we have seen, many of you brought in your skills in meditation techniques you have trained in the years before, some even worked with their spiritual guides in those nights.

Before this email becomes too long, let us tell you that we`re planning another effort this year: the Avebury Stone Avenue (ASA) Project on July 24 and would like to ask you if you would like to join us on the spot or from afar by linking with us at the appropriate time.

More details about location and time table shall come soon. Make up your mind meanwhile.

In love for the planet

Joachim and Hans
Berlin, March 2nd, 2002