They are already here!

Close Encounter of The Third Kind

Edwards Air Force Base, October 7, 1965:

"...we have an object now - right over the field!"

Artifacts from the Roswell-Crash, do we still need them? The "Alien Autopsy" footage,  hoaxed or real - is this still important? The elitist narrow-mindedness and the defy of the debunkers - do they still upset us? The official lies - can they really hide the truth?

We don't need all this anymore because we already have the proof for the presence of non-human intelligence within our dimensions, they are here and have shown up undeniably! This happened at Ewards AFB before the eyes of many witnesses, clearly and real.

Samuel M. Sherman, film producer and living in California, gave us permission exclusively to publish an audio segment on our website where you can listen to the most dramatic event of October 7, 1965 with your own ears! 

Please click here, to start the short audio segment (565KB in aiff-format, runs with  RealPlayer and Mediaplayer).

Please click here, to start the mind-blowing full audio document (49.27min MP3). The seqment from above is embedded at 07.35min but listen to all of the program. It is incredible how they are talking about numbers and appearence of the UFOS!
It happened so, it is reality!

Statement of Samuel M. Sherman:

I am a movie producer since a long time. One day, in the course of a research for a planned UFO documentation I received governmental files (similar to the 'x-files'). There I found formally classified ("Secret") audio tapes from the night time of October 7, 1965, on Edwards AFB.  On theses tapes you can here officers of the U.S. Air Force who are watching 12 UFOs which are flying at low level across the base and how they call for defensive forces to send aeroplanes after them.

When I contacted Tech Sgt. Charles Sorrrels, at that time the air traffic controller in the tower of Edwards AFB, whose voice is to be heard on the tape, he confirmed the whole incident. Later, he accompanied me to the tv program "SIGHTINGS" of Paramount and confirmed the tapes to be the definite proof, that non-human intelligences have been here.

I presented these tapes in many tv and radio programs and many experts in this field regarded them as solid and verified proof, that space ships from other worlds do visit our planet Earth.

In Germany, recently the tv station  RTL reported briefly about this remarkable incident in a program about UFOs and Extraterrestrials. This was at the time when everybody was infected by the propaganda fever accompanying the"Independence Day" movie.