Sheltered Planet Earth

The "Earth Peace Project" (EPP) gains momentum !

Long before our project started many individuals and groups expressed their wish to contribute. So by the time of our second meditation on Feb.,1st, about 800 participants came togther. And this number increases from date to date. The spiritual force we all release together in this very hour is the most powerful and effective force in the Universe and has a lasting effect.

Neither it is schizophrenia nor hallucination nor tinfoil hattery: since a long time it is known that behind the visual conflicts (hot wars, for example) there is a second level where much more subtle processes are going on: the level of spiritual forces. While explosions show its devastating, visible effects in the three-dimensional world, spiritual forces are active in the background, a fact known to all who want to and who do apply power.

With our meditatins we just go down to this level and activate our positive spiritual force exactly there, where the negative Energies are especially strong or perform in a very tricky way.

It is known to us that those who are in the focus of our positive spiritural force, are aware of it and as a result strengthen their negative efforts. So it sometimes seems to look paradoxal that the more we come together in meditations the more negative news increase. This causes some to lose their courage and hope and stop continuing with the meditations.

The more we react on the negative the stronger it seems to become. Therefore we should not weaken our efforts, it is the only chance for mankind to survive and to reach a better future. We have one and the only advantage: the negative always falls back on itself and anihilates itself. It produces chaos and destruction only. The positive always builds something new and positive. This is our true advantage and finally leads us to success.

The EPP is a congregation of free people. A free human has a free spirit and is free in his decisicons concerning his life. He is free in vision, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, thinking and acting. He neither needs ideology nor religion. He realizes the world he is living in with his senses and spiritual force alone, needs no gurus, politicians or priests. He respects his neighbours like himself and stands up for the sake of his planet with all of his power. The starry sky in the night is his cathedral, is the only truth: it shows cleary and unaffected by humans where we do come from, who we are and where we shall go to.

We are happy and proud to announce that the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) under the leadership of Dr. Roger Nelsen, PhD, is accompanying our project again. Please follow this link. The GCP already analysed our global meditations way back in the 90ies which we centered around Avebury, Wiltshire, UK, and showed how we have been able to produce influence on the global concsciousness. We know about the effectiveness of our spiritual efforts and call you not to surrender but to join us - and to lift your head up to our friends the stars, again!

The organizers of the EPP have decided to concentrate reports and news on the website of the German Borderscience and Crop Circle Study Group (FGK). Here you will find latest news and developments about our meditations as well as the analysis of one of Germany's leading dowsermaster, Horst Grünfelder, who is involved in our project by monitoring the course of the meditations and its effect on the different energetic layers. We are very happy that he is with us.

Earth Peace Project Meditations 2018 - Beginning each at 20:00, ending at 21:00 your local time

01. February: Imbolc / Brigid

21. March: Spring Equinox / Easter Moon

01. May: Walpurgis Night / Beltaine

21. June: Midsummer / Brachmond

01. August: 1. Thanksgiving / Lugnasad

21. September: Autumn Equinox / Autumn Moon / 2. Thanksgiving

01. November: Ancestors Day / All Souls' Day / Samhain

21. December: Midwinter / Jul-Feast

Thank you! Joachim Koch, Berlin, Germany

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