The devil is in the detail - The Spyros Melaris story

By Philip Mantle

Short note by Joachim Koch:  During  the past days I updated the story about the infamous AA-footage being still in the position of one of the founders of the  'International Roswell Initiative' : "UDATE 2006: Santilli admits: The AA-Film is a Fake !"

Today, on March 22 März, 2008, I received an update which confirmes what we all suggested from the very beginning - that the AA-Film is not authentic.

Philip Mantle, one the U.K.'s most long standing and industrious UFO researchers, is the acknowledged expert on the controversial "Alien Autopsy Footage". In his article (link: please click on his name above) Philip presents the truth behind the myth, who was involved, why and when.

One information near the end of his article left me speechless. Do you remember the "era Hesemann" when this man danced on German and international symposium stages, pretending to be Germany's foremost  UFO researcher and who caused much trouble in Germany and internationally by his eccentric behaviour? When he became upset every time someone dared to suggest that the footage was probabely faked? And how he sold just that footage on a video tape to the people? I was really happy when he disappeared from the public and how everyone here could come to rest again.

Because of the explosive effect of the information I could not resist to present here a part from Philip Mantle' s article: 

"At the UFO DATA conference in October 2007 was German researcher Michael Hesemann. Michael was also one of the speakers that weekend. Michael investigated the alien autopsy film from l995 through to l997 and believes it to be authentic. After the conference when Michael was back home in Germany he sent me an email that quite frankly left me stunned. He admitted for the first time that in l996 someone sent Michael an email telling him that Spyros Melaris was the hoaxer. 

Hesemann had never shared this information with anyone. I asked him what he did with it and he simply told me that he phoned Ray Santilli and asked him if he knew this man to which Santilli replied he did not. Michael told me he left it at that. However, Spyros Melaris independently informed me that in l996 he had received a phone call from someone with a German accent asking him if he was the hoaxer and he of course denied it. He did not know who the caller was until he met Hesemann at our conference. I pressed Michael about this and eventually he admitted he did phone Spyros back in l996. 

Why Michael Hesemann never shared this information with anyone else is beyond me. In his defence Michael has stated that there were others mentioned at the time and he did not want to spread false rumours, but these others names were circulated and eliminated.  I have to be honest and say here and now that I cannot understand why Hesemann sat on this information and never told anyone.

I leave it to you to make up your own mind."