The Stephenville UFO

On January 08, 2008 at about 6: 15, Steve Allen, Mike Odom und Lance Jones  saw something none of them can explain. When they were watching the sunset near Seldon, Texas,  they suddenly noticed flashing lights about 3,500 feet above ground level.

The UFO  wasn't really visible and was totally silent, but the lights spanned about a mile long and a half mile wide. The lights went from corner to corner. It was directly above Highway 67 traveling towards Stephenville at a high rate of speed - about 3,000 miles per hour .

The lights  were more like strobe lights, and while they were all watching, the lights reconfigured themselves from a single horizontal line into two sets of vertical lights. The two sets were approximately one-quarter of a mile apart and then they turned into dirty burning flames. The flames were not blue but white in color. About two seconds later it disappeared completely.

Allen said they were all scratching their heads and talking about what it could have been, when approximately 10 minutes later, the object flew overhead again. This time it came from the west traveling east towards Glen Rose. It was about two or three miles south of 67, and two military jets, possibly F16s, were in pursuit.

These anomalies were being within 20 miles of the restricted airspace surrounding the Bush ranch. The edge of the restricted zone designated as Class D airspace is only about 16 miles southeast of the center of Stephenville.

Pilot Davis's sighting was about halfway between Stephenville and the northwestern arc of the Class D airspace in Selden. In the center of that circular airspace is a 4-5 nautical mile circle designated prohibited airspace. The outer circle is 60 nautical miles [69 statute miles] in diameter centered on the ranch.

In effect this prohibited area is scant minutes away from the sightings areas.

HERE  is a copy of a 1:500,000 scale of an aviation chart for that area and it clearly indicates the ranch on that copy. 

The launching of F-16s into the areas outside the MOA MilitaryOperational Area] southwest of Stephenville now makes sense as do the hamfisted attempts to cover up the presence of F-16s in the area. I would be surprised if military assets were not tasked to that area if they suddenly had unknowns showing up on their radar and near such a sensitive area. This need not be because of a UFO event but some unknown "aircraft" suspected of - and being treated as - terrorist in nature.

This UFO sighting has raised much interest in the national media. An ongoing examination is done by  MUFON. Angelia Joiner, who reported for the "Stephenville Empire Tribune" (where she quit meanwhile), has established a website only for this incident, which I give a link  HERE for further research and updating.  Larry King dedicated another show to the UFO phenomenon in the light of the ongoing UFO disclosure campaigns in Fall/Winter 2007 and took the thread again because of this acutal incident. You can find his show as well as the press conference in the National Press Club at

New Stephenville Texas UFO Footage Released - March 4, 2008