The stone circle near Germerode, Hesse, Germany

"For Mother Earth and All That Is"

Let us revive our ancient sacred places

Der Steinkreis bei Germerode,Hessen

The stone circle near Germerode, Hesse, Germany

Author: Joachim Koch

It is your power of thought that counts now!

The current state of our civilisation

Even if it hurts and yes, even if we, who always want to think positively and empathize, don't like it, it doesn't help, we have to take an unsparing look at the current reality surrounding us in order to draw new strength from it.

The cosmic human-earth experiment is about to fail. All the signs of civilisational collapse are already there.

For many thousands of years, a species known as Homo sapiens (Latin for "understanding, intelligent" or "wise, clever, intelligent, rational human being") has been incessantly killing each other here on planet Earth. All attempts to save this species and the damage it has caused to the planet have so far failed. In fact, the opposite is the case and things are even getting worse.

The species is afflicted by sustained manipulation by autocratic, highly manipulative belief systems that despise human rights, multinational corporations that act solely in their own interests, powerful mafia structures, and political-military-industrial complexes. This time, the recurring natural climate fluctuations are being uncontrollably exacerbated by human activities, the planet is heavily polluted and in some cases irreparably damaged by unchecked population growth at sea, on land and in the air, its resources have not been sufficient since the end of the 1980s, and the global balance has been destroyed. All serious data show this. A general and urgently needed change in the behavior of the species Homo sapiens is currently not discernible. Even the space surrounding the Earth is already contaminated and filled with space debris.

There is a saying in a book that has, among other things, led to serious misdevelopments over the past millennia:

"Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."(1.Mose 1.28)

This is one of the most fatal sayings ever written down.

It is wrong because, according to cosmic law, there are no subjects and nothing can be made or given as a subject. Man is born free. He is a part of the universe, consists of the parts of the universe and possesses its power.

The saying is bad because by assuming a superior position (which is de facto not possible), a hierarchy is asserted (see above) and tasks are distributed that must lead to non-cosmic behaviour that is harmful to the planet, humanity and flora and fauna.

Instead of developing into a cosmic civilisation with all the ingredients, exactly the opposite happened as a result of the saying above. So this was and is intentional and has led in exactly the wrong direction of development.

Systems of power derive their right to exist and rule from sayings such as the one above. Regulations, prohibitions, physical punishments and psychological influence, as well as so-called "religions", are the staples of their maintenance of power.

Der Steinkreis bei Germerode im Mai 2024
The Stone Circle near Germerode in May 2024 * Author: Wolf Backhaus OutbackBuzz
This was published with the author's express permission.
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Freedom for our civilisation

At a conference of the nationally known German FGK, Horst Grünfelder, one of the leading radiesthesists in Germany, reported on the views and findings of modern physics (to be read in his protocol "Wenn Gitternetze sich kurz verändern" ("When grids change for a short while") Part III on page 5) very aptly (quote):

"It has long since resolved solid matter into its smallest components, and the best thing is that it has not stopped at the simple atomic model, but has resolved everything into waves and fields... and what there is: quantum mechanics with its particle-wave duality, multidimensional membranes, p-branes, superstrings, an 11-dimensional supergravity, and other things that also elude our direct senses - everything suddenly has the character of waves and field properties. In the case of strings it sounds like this: "the objects are not particles, ... but one-dimensional filaments called strings ... just like the string of a violin, they have vibrational patterns with resonant frequencies whose wavelengths exactly match the length of the strings.

There is no point in quoting much. The basis of matter and life is vibrations, waves and resonances."(end of quote)

Meanwhile, in 2012, the Higgs field, which is present throughout the universe, and its associated particle, the Higgs boson, were discovered, and with the above-mentioned physical realities taken together, it seems imperative to transcend anew the claimed concept of an entity that conceived and created everything, that thinks for us humans, guides us, and also punishes us.

However, it is clear that there are still billions of people who refuse to recognise intellectual progress and scientific innovations due to their various socialisations, or who are still denied, withheld or forbidden education.

And this is the solution to all our problems: humanity is free to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Freedom of thought and action is the prerequisite for a new era. Complete knowledge of one's own being is the precursor of a cosmic future.

The time of "esotericism" is over!

And that is another reason why there is now this stone circle up there in Hesse near Germerode on the Malkenhain.

Der Steinkreis bei Germerode Anfang Juni 2024
The Stone Circle near Germerode June 2024 * Author: Wolf Backhaus OutbackBuzz
This was published with the author's express permission.
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Building a better human and planetary future

When we began our work on crop circles in the fields in England in 1991, we came up with an astronomical theory for the so-called "crop circle phenomenon", including the question of its "cosmic origin". Three days later we received two (though perhaps man-made) astronomical answers. The details are given in our books "The Answer of Orion" and "Networked Worlds". Here is just this much: the crop circle phenomenon was much more than just crops flattened by humans.

To our great surprise, we found that certain grid patterns had been activated in the field areas outside around Alton Barnes and Avebury, Wiltshire, Southern England. For example, we were shown which tramlines to place our pictogram experiments between, and the activated grids contained geometric structures that we were supposed to find and trace, and we were able to do so. Sometimes we were even led to other fields via grid strips. Some places related to our experiments were covered with activated grids, and some disappeared as soon as we found them.

It always went back and forth like that. Question from our side - grids in the fields. In the course of many years we managed to establish a real communication with "the phenomenon" through these grids. This showed us that the concept of the field is essential to understanding our reality.

If we now add up the supposed coincidences that led to the existence of the stone circle, it is reasonable to assume that it is the same "intelligent action" as back then in England that marked, i.e. prepared, the field area on the Malkenhain near Germerode. After the global upheavals and phenomena of the late eighties and early nineties, the "phenomenon" seems to have reappeared in the truest sense of the word.

Björn und André und giant poppy
Farmer Björn Sippel and his son Andrèe in front of a giant poppy sculpture * Author: Björn Sippel
This was published with the author's express permission.
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Farmer Björn Sippel, who cultivates the fields there, is a true all-rounder. Among other things, he is a very successful gastronomer, creates fascinating ice sculptures and has the wonderful opportunity as a farmer to make the surrounding landscape fertile, but also beautiful in the truest sense of the word. He and his entire, wonderful family are substantially involved in the Germerode poppy blossom, which is famous far beyond the borders of the country. It is therefore a cosmic honor, so to speak, that these great and important people were given a wonderful, multidimensional spatial structure on one of their fields.

This spatial structure is an almost rectangular grid with a length of approx. 53 meters and a width of approx. 20 meters, in the middle of which is a circular anomaly with a diameter of approx. 10 meters. This is where the stone circle now stands.

Immediately after the 8 basalt megaliths weighing a total of 22 tons were erected on February 27, 2023, they formed a ring-shaped field flowing in a clockwise direction. The "megalithic yard" (0.829m) was used as a unit of measurement in the construction of the stone circle, which was discovered by Alexander Thom in the first half of the last century after decades of surveying English stone circles and was used in the Neolithic period for the construction of stone circles. Meanwhile, the field of the circle has spread far and wide in the area, a line to the village of Alberode has been added, and another to the Sophienlabyrinth in the town of Eschwege will soon be created. During the installation of the stones, special measures and devices were implemented to reliably prevent negative fields or activities from having any influence or access.

Die Aura des Steinkreises
The Aura of the Stone Circle at Germerode * Author: Wolf Backhaus OutbackBuzz
This was published with the author's express permission.s
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Our bodies and thought fields interact constantly with the wider planetary and cosmic fields in which we are embedded. The beautiful picture above by Wolf Backhaus shows the energetic reality of the stone circle against the galactic background of the Winter Hexagon. It is a universal, absolutely positively aligned, bi-directional nexus, a planetary-cosmic connection, a gift to us. This is where the reality of our existence manifests itself in the most incredible way!

Up here in the stone circle, the spirit is free to soar! It is a place of joy, love, and connection between planet Earth and the universe. What is said and done here reverberates in both directions. The power of this place is the power of the planetary and universal fields. In addition, the circle is designed to offer visions of the cardinal sunrise and sunset points (summer and winter) from within.

Die astronomische Ausrichtung des Steinkreises
The astronomical references in the stone circle near Germerode * Author: Joachim Koch
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The sight of these sunrises and sunsets is utterly magical.

The sunrise on 21 March 2023 (vernal equinox) on the Malkenhain, Germerode * Author: Joachim Koch
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The stone circle at Germerode is the key to a cosmic lock, opening a connection between the planet and the universe. It is a place where and in which a better human and planetary future can and will be created.

Stay healthy and confident, We are all connected,


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