International Roswell Initiative

March 3, 1996


It is estimated that over ten million people in the United States watched the first broadcast of Fox network's "Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction" last August. The highly skewed documentary featured the now famous "alien autopsy" film footage supposedly showing the autopsy of an alien by the U.S. military in 1947. The footage, which has been shown by television networks worldwide, is claimed to have been acquired from the official military cameraman who filmed the autopsy. Reportedly, the producers of the Fox program are talking about another broadcast, this time featuring an interview with an anonymous person purporting to be the cameraman.

International Roswell Initiative (IRI) Bulletin #5, "Santilli's Controversial Autopsy Movie" (SCAM), is the lead story in the March issue of the "Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Journal." The article points out a myriad of discrepancies in the alleged alien autopsy film and brings to public attention two important offers of verification, which could settle the matter of the film's authenticity once and for all.

Leaders of UFO organizations around the world consider the film a hoax and are concerned about its potential damage to the credibility of serious UFO research. The comprehensive "MUFON Journal" article is being translated into a number of languages (including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, and Japanese), and, at last count, will be published, either in part or in its entirety, by UFO organizations in at least 14 countries.

The article contains important information, not yet in the public domain, about the alleged alien autopsy film. Graham Birdsall, editor

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