The Magnificent Nineteen +1 = 20

The Grand Tetons Blessing Ceremony

For Mother Earth's Mountains & Water

initiated by

Spiritual Elder Bennie LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone, Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming

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A vision of several magnificent and wondrous mountains found in America's North Western peaks has come to ask the Indigenous Nations and humanity to come to the aid of mother earth and her inhabitants. She has asked the Indigenous Nations to assist in the re-connection of humanity's awareness not only to herself, but also to the universal presence of the stars. The dream spoke in a mysterious way, reminding us WE ARE the "keepers of the earth and its sacred wisdom." WE ARE to help all things and ourselves once again realize that "all things are related" upon earth and within the universe.

The Elementals of earth, wind, fire and water have asked us to prepare the mountain peaks and bodies of water for a powerful ceremony. The ancestral spirits have spoken giving direction to build and reset into harmony a huge medicine wheel. This wheel is activated now since May 9th, 2004. The boundaries of this medicine wheel encompass nineteen well-known mountain peaks and bodies of water. It covers an area whose radius is some 600 miles, with Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming as its center. The areas are located in close proximity of these sacred sites whereof you can see the images below:

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Sullivan photo l_02006898b5bbcc39937e17a94744add8.jpg
. Sullivan Lake

· North Saskatchewan River (Battleford)

· Qu'appelle River

· Souris River

· James River

· Missouri River

· Platte River

· Arkansas River

· Cimarron River

· Colorado River or (Lake Mead)

· Lake Tahoe

· Okanagan Lake

· Mt. Taylor

· Mt. Humphrey in the San Francisco Peaks

· Mt. Whitney

· Mt. Shasta

· Three Sisters

· Mt. Rainier

· Lake Louise


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