Medicine Wheel 2021 - Over the Hills and Mountain Tops

An international Project on Sunday, July 25, 2021

The "Green Day of Mother Earth"

Let's create one, two three - many Medicine Wheels!

Send the Power of Thoughts to the Waters of the Earth!

The Reports of the Peace and Healing Ceremony "Medicine Wheel 2021

There is a difference...

Graphic&Copyright: Gefunden bei Mary Penley


"In today's synchronous medicine wheel project I was here in the Erzgebirge forest near Breitenbrunn. Since this time was concentrated on the water, it also rained heavily and very cleansing at the beginning. Fortunately, it subsided and I could prepare the place in peace.

Bei der Meditation grollte dann immer wieder dumpf das noch anhaltende Gewitter, doch ich fühlte mich sehr geschützt und von der Natur gehalten und getragen. Die vereinzelten Regentropfen und die Stille des Waldes wirkten sehr meditativ und mystisch. Die Energien des gemeinsamen Feldes nahm ich als stark und sehr präsent war. Nachdem ich mich meditativ und intensiv dem Element Wasser zugewandt hatte und mit einem leisen Lied diese besondere Meditation abschloss, krachte ein Donner plötzlich ziemlich laut.

After this brief shock, which also signaled the ending, I briskly left the place. He now wanted to be alone. When I stepped out of the forest, the sun welcomed me and I tasted some blueberries. Thank you for this wonderful experience!"


"After the meditation I saw a special cloud formation."


"I myself was also dressed all in blue, if anything, then properly. I started the session with the text. At 2 points, where it is about the animals, I was overcome by an overwhelming emotional surge, so that the tears flowed. After all, it is water. At the end of the meditation I went out into the garden and donated the energized water to our unfortunately 3 irrecoverably sick trees, the others for protection."


"After the preparations for the meditation, the sky had become overcast, dark cloud fronts were moving in and it was already thundering. We considered, whether we should go inside, but we were all convinced that it would work with the weather outside. So we started and meditated for an hour, while the rumble of the thunderstorm slowly disappeared. After an hour, the sky was blue again. Clear thoughts bestowed upon us a clear sky."


"Four of us poured our water into a sound bowl and then tapped it. While tapping, everyone was allowed to put their hand into the vibrating water. Each person had a different blessing for the water and pronounced it at the moment of pouring. That was really wonderful!"


"When I arrived, everyone was gone. It was quiet. This time I made a ritual circle of protection and I was not bothered.

I thought almost exclusively of the figure of Sadness, with whom I feel very connected (he lives there). All my water I gave him.

I was unable to ask that the waters of the earth might find healing, I felt it hypocritical, as a member of the human race, that poisons the waters, to sit and ask for healing. I felt it was necessary to think for ourselves and do what we can in our daily lives to make sure that the water was doing well. I thought that was far more important. So it became a short meditation."

Brasilianischer Wald

Graphic&Copyright: Martin Engelmann


"Yes, first I cleared the place, then in peace I put the medicine wheel, read the text and went into mediation. To imagine the variations of water was very pleasant and interesting. Afterwards I went on a journey through the waters of the Earth. Through the oceans of the world, diving deep into the rift before Peru, along the poles and to meditation places familiar to me. In between I got in touch with the other active people and also had the feeling of resonance. With words, I find, it is not so easy to describe."


"In preparation for 7/25/2021, I made a video on Friday, 7/23/2021 as an invitation and spiritual preparation. There I stood at the same place as last year in Thuringia, so pretty much again on the arc line of the Wheel.The stream that I filmed there is the Vesser, which also belongs to the well-known UNESCO biosphere reserve Thuringian Forest-Vessertal has given the name. (

Since I was on the road myself that weekend, I could not perform an external ritual myself at that hour on 7/25, but was there in spirit. I let my spirit and blessing "flow in" on this bridge over the Vesser. The Vesser flows into the Breitenbach, then together with the Erle into the Werra. into the Werra, then together with the Fulda into the Weser, then at Bremerhaven into the North Sea. In addition, as a farmer, biologist and healer, I have focused my mind very directed to the inner cell water in living beings and charged our drinking water with schungite and good energies.

Mother Nature had indeed made herself apparent days before by the massive floods in Germany and worldwide. Together with friends I have set up a relief transport to Ahrweiler, where, by the way, the bunker of the federal government should also be safe...:-). Also on these irrepressible waters of purification I have directed my energy for the healing and awakening of mankind.


"I enjoyed the day very much, although it was also exhausting. From 1 p.m. until about 6 p.m. I was busy on another level. Otherwise I feel the connection with others more clearly, which I missed a bit. Nevertheless, it was round for me. The only thing that I clearly perceived, was a dragon above me and a whale in front of me. The dragon was completely new to me. It also remained present until about 9 pm."


"We were 6 humans and 2 dogs. One read out at 15:45. We continued the ceremony after about 20 minutes under roof (right next door), since a decent downpour was coming. A good clean up. It was a wonderful day and the project was fully successful. Everyone said that it was felt, that at this time many people participate and that in the future everything will turn out for the best."


"A refreshing wind comes up shortly before 3:00 pm. Butterflies inspect my laid out cloth with objects and crystals. The butterflies dance clockwise a spiral in the sky above my laid out cloth. It becomes very quiet.

I read out the text. My gaze falls on an apple tree in the east - I see the contours of the African continent. Another tree shows me India and another tree reminds me of the flood in Europe. My thoughts are with the people who suffer from water shortage and with those who lost their belongings and relatives with the oods belongings and loved ones have lost.

In a dead tree shows a mighty dragon, which tears its mouth wide open and spits fire towards the east. ( about 3:30 p.m.) Great tits are bathing in the their wellness station in the garden. Now the sky is overcast and the temperatures more bearable (32° C in the shade). I look at my gifts on the cloth and am grateful for everything: my life, my family, my home. I am grateful that I can share my gifts and that they are gratefully received. Approx. 15:50: the environmental noises increase again and I end the meditation gratefully."

Brasilianischer Wald

Graphic&Copyright: Martin Engelmann


"During the meditation, I realized how strong the connection was with all the dear people. We were holding hands. Out of the ground went golden yellow, thick, honey-like threads into my right hand and I felt the energy flowing from there up my arm, into my right shoulder, through my right collarbone, over to my neck, there into my head, down into my chakras. Back up into the head, over to the left collarbone, to the shoulder, into the arm, into the left hand, over into her right hand, there the same way as with me through her body into her left hand and from there again in golden yellow, thick, honey-like threads into the ground. This was the flow of energy from the other participants to us through Mother Earth.

The second 20 minutes were hard for me. I saw yes the Earth, wanted to dive into the blue floods - but I did not get there. On the contrary, it was like a wall between us. I could "communicate with the earth, almost like talking" - and she was just mad at us. She complained and told me that there was no point in "trying to bring healing to the water" - as long as so many people were living on her and making her and her water sick. It has become a vicious circle that can only be broken if there is a reduction in the number of people. And then I also realized what this "wall" was that wouldn't let me get to the oceans - it was "human" as once almost like an abstract concept, but also somehow physical. I was frustrated, I was sad, I was and am totally unsatisfied about it. I could also no longer imagine a stream, none of the nearby lakes. It was always just the image of this ranting, blue earth.

In the end, in the last 20 minutes, I then concentrated on my water, to make it healing water, on many people I so know - oh, on all kinds of things. So I was then reasonably back in balance at the end, after it had started so beautifully, so powerfully.

Before the meditation we had asked for it not to rain - which it did and we had a wonderful, sunny hour. When we drove home, we saw thunderstorm cells all around."


"This time, especially after the actual meditation, a very euphoric mood set in. I was really grateful, because otherwise I probably would not have gotten up to connect so intensively with nature. It is not often that one experiences such feelings of friendship with one's immediate surroundings. But the Burgkopf is also a very intense piece of nature and on it mosses, lichens, mushrooms grow more intensely and rurally than anywhere else.

I was back on the high cliff edge just behind the temple remains and overlooking the woods opposite. The two streams around the rocky ridge were rushing more intensely this time, which went well with the theme. I placed the bottle of water from Heidebornquelle Trier on the green field. Everything should have gone according to instructions.

As an inner image, I saw a couple of times how other groups are connected to the Wheel like with rubber threads and floated up and down. One brief time I floated close to a group of three, but could not recognize anyone, or make contact. The thought occurred to me whether the Wheel would grow into a living being of its own grows up and develops a consciousness? A bit like some kind of octopus animal.

Another remarkable thing was the weather timing. Shortly before it rained heavily, but to the second (not to the minute) at 15:00 it stopped and after 15 minutes the sun was burning. Similar to last year. On the way home we saw cloudbursts on the horizon and it became dark like the end of the world, when I arrived in my street arrived - nevertheless still no drop. Arrived in my apartment, the cloudburst went off at the same moment - again, everything to the second! After a short time then the rainbow, it just fit everything today."

Wald am Burgkopf

Graphic&Copyright: Hayo Krüger


"It was very beautiful, I had a strong wonderful vision of the "vortex" we obviously created, it looked like a big fountain of light, sometimes I see it as a fountain of water, similar to what I saw and painted last year in parts. Anyway a beautiful strong energy and I was also not so knockout afterwards. As water I had something very special, in a carafe from Chartres energized with preciousschungite."


"I experienced the medi very powerfully and had numerous images of the Earth from above the Universe and numerous bodies of water in the 2nd 20 mins. The images just flowed through me... appropriately enough. The meditation started with impressions of the color orange and a picture of a winged male being. While googling afterwards I came across "Zoroastrianism"...whether that had anything to do with it, I don't know, but the being depicted there is very close to it.

I also had to do with the ozone layer for a while, looking down on the earth from above.

For the second 20 minutes, I first saw the water flowing through my body, then a great many images of bodies of water. In one sequence also red flowing water, like blood. But mostly very positive images that were very powerful and luminous.

I had also tuned in to sadness, had a few images of polluted seas and algae covered waters, but predominantly the pictures positive. Towards the end I clearly saw plants and especially trees. Even these were interwoven with water.

It was still interesting that my water (from the Unnaer brook) was initially on "blue", exactly after half an hr. meditation I saw quite a lot of yellow in front of my eye (not only in the imagination, but actually very color-intensive in front of me) and had the impulse to change the water to yellow, which I then did."


"The subject of the Medicine Wheel was new to me and I dealt with it and let my heart and my feeling pick out what I put here in the medicine wheel.

I felt a connection here with the four elements and Mother Earth. In my meditation, it was the eagle guarding the earth from above and flies over it, while the sun lets on the earth her rays. With his watchful eyes, he guards all the precious living beings, plants and waters on our Gaia.

Peace and freedom for the Earth."

Adler im Flug

Graphic&Copyright: Falknerei Mecht


"I started with small, bright singing bowls to interpret the water drops in the little river, then *** came with the "finger harp", after that *** with the interpretation on the gong and *** made the good ending with the sound of the water shoshi. After that *** read the text. After that *** started with the the first 20 minutes by striking the heart bowl. 20 min "rang in" .

I saw the earth from space and glided towards it. It was not possible to cover it with a white protective shell, but I could see around it an aura glittering like an opal. This was lively, cheerful, lively and active and fascinating to look at. I myself was sometimes expanded in space and then again more contracted and closer to the earth. More and more love and connection with and to this beautiful planet developed. Then suddenly a big red heart was visible inside the Earth, pulsating softly. My heart and the Earth heart came into connection with our two hearts by a beam of energy emanating from both that lasted.

Second 20 minutes were rung in.

I was a drop of water flowing as water with the many other drops of water through an underground layer of sandstone. It felt wonderfully cool and alive. I was aware that I was clean, pure, healthy and healing water. Then I saw the Nile with its rivers of origin and I perceived the glitter in and around it.

I was deep down in the sea. It was wonderfully still, I was gently cradled and my body on the outside actually resonated. I was amazed at how gentle and gentle the water was, how pleasant it felt. I was there as one drop among many and was also there physically. Both at the same time. And I was aware of the power and violence of the water in the tsunami at the same time. The duality was self-evident, completely without judgment.

Then came to me the consciousness that people consist of water and that they need water to live and if these, like opals glittering sparks over and with the water in humans arrive, a change of consciousness can and will happen. The connection with the earth will go thereby completely automatically! This has made my heart glad.

It then continued over the Amazon, the Yangtze, through mangrove forests and the rivers flowed into all the seas. Thus all water on earth was penetrated with the sparks and the sparkle penetrated!

Then it was quite important to supply the Bodensee between my hands likewise and explicitly with these sparks now. (I have no so special Relation to Lake Constance and was a bit stunned).

I could perceive that the earth is discarding the old and allowing the new to emerge. This brought an inner joy and confidence. Then the human being came into my consciousness and I could see that he too was permeated by this water and thus experienced a different relationship with creation. The water reached man pretty much reached man only at the end. It could be seen that man was somewhat hesitant and astonished to perceive this transformation in himself.

Third 20 minutes were rung in.

The Earth had a heart of fire and this was guarded by the water around it in such a way that fire and water could exist together. This was a wonderful perception. Two opposites that can stand each other without having to destroy each other. It simply showed that everything can exist together with everything. Both are important and equal! (that is still a little way for humanity to get there) There was suddenly no valuation!!!

This realization that the sparks are and will remain connected to the water everywhere, and thus will automatically arrive in the human being and bring about a transformation can and will, has given me an inner feeling of happiness and a joyful, inner peace. Arriving in the I AM is possible for mankind, despite the chaos in the here and now. chaos in the here and now. (This was very comforting, as I sometimes already get into doubts and despair). It was also without a sense of time...

After the meditation we decided to pour our respective water into the big singing bowl with the inner words coming to the individual. "From the inner of the Earth transformation and consciousness happens" were my words. Then we poured the water from the big bowl into the heart bowl and brought it back to the earth in the garden."

Wasserfall im Dschungel

Graphic&Copyright: Martin Engelmann


"As announced, I participated in our meditation from the island of Hiddensee. So because it was especially also about the water, I sat down on the Baltic Sea beach south of Vitte and simply drew my medicine wheel in the sand. The colors I had in the form of the beautiful sticker in front of the circle with sand before flying away fixed, the quarters of the circle with stones marked and in the middle a glass bottle with our beautiful Water from the Harzer Rappbodetalsperre put, to make the reference to the great medicine wheel.

At about 3 pm I read Eutonnah's text for me, but then suddenly many people came to the beach and it was not so easy at first, to concentrate on the content of the meditation. But I had printed out not only the text but also the pictures and so I could stay with it mentally.

In particular, the property of structured water to form exclusion zones (EZ zones) on hydrophilic surfaces and, in conjunction with turbulence cascades as in mountain streams, gave me a hopeful outlook on the future of getting polluted water on land clean again, even on a large scale. However, how to deal with plastic waste, oil residues and the many other pollutants in the seas and oceans is a mystery to me.

After all, the Baltic Sea water is nice and clear here off Hiddensee. Most recently, I poured a portion of the Harz water into both the sand circle and the Baltic Sea. Let's hope that the information of our meditation with the water could be transferred, even if only in homeopathic doses ;-))"


"Yes, I participated in the meditation, but my perception was quite confused ... I had far more beautiful meditation experiences :-/"


"Yesterday I was at the North was high tide at just before 15h and the beach lilacs were blooming, there were interesting cloud pictures, wind, birds and butterflies, light rolling waves and I enjoyed all this very much and also bathed, with great gratitude for the wonderful and beautiful Earth, the water, the air and the light-fire of the sun. So after 15h to an hour, the water was quite calm, no wind and it was like a "breath of fresh air", a peaceful energy...."


"Five of us had a wonderful meditation and the weather was kind to us until 5 pm. We met the soul of water in the form of a woman made of water, who was very happy about what we were doing together. The crystals connected above ground in the form of light and below ground in the form of water.We all felt in the process great relief in the water, in the animals and water creatures. And a beautiful, playful connectedness.

The order came to sink a crystal in the Mediterranean Sea. Are any of you coming there soon and can take this on?"


I am deeply touched and moved. It makes me, and I think also in the sense of ... to speak:" It is wonderful to be connected with all the human brothers and sisters as a part of the human family, who are connecting their love energy in a chain of love in a sea of light and love of God."


The bottle with the water wanted to be in the middle. The spring water brought me my son from an England vacation, already 3 or 4 years ago. I had so far the bottle in my coaching room stand, without it had a special use. But it was immediately clear to me when this year the topic with the medicine wheel was water. So it traveled a long way to be at the ceremony.

My inner image during the meditation was the following: From a clean source, water flows into the rivers, which are now currently affected by the flood disaster at us are affected. It looked like big arms of crystal clear water taking away all the dirt, debris, all the mud and leaving a clean riverbed and a peaceful river landscape. (That would certainly be dreamlike for all those directly affected in the flooded areas.)

We were only a small group of 3 people at the mediation, but for that it felt very intense.


"Greetings in the aftermath of a very beautiful Sunday and the new medicine wheel in our garden."

Ein Dimensionstor

Graphic&Copyright: Unknown internet source


"We have a Time Gate at Brunsberg where special things keep happening. It is also a Pleiadian dimension gate. That means, time is always perceived differently and that was special on this day, although we were still a kilometer away from the time gate, but it still has an immense effect.

So we sat with a healer in the garden with coffee and cake and put the medicine wheel. She has a heart-loving garden, in which she really puts her whole heart pure and so there is no corner there that needs special energizing. It felt beautiful right from the start, a special place. Yes, and then we laid the medicine wheel.

The funny thing was that we then still had time for coffee and cake, although we had laid the medicine wheel until half past two, so about 35 minutes, and then we sat at the coffee table and have quite comfortably drunk coffee and eaten cake and talked and in between again and again on the clock looked, so like New Year's Eve, when the countdown runs.

And we were surprised that we had so much time, which actually can not be. Yes, that was noticed by many, that we there so a kind of Birthday coffee have made and we had all the time in the world.

Then shortly before three we leisurely walked over to our medicine wheel, took a stand there. So four of us stood exactly on the axes of the medicine wheel, which we have aligned to the north and have connected with you. At 15:00 we have made this Earth healing with the waters of the Earth and made a light ball with a diameter of 2000 km sunk into the medicine wheel so that all also participated in Germany

This was important to us, because there is so much happening with these underground dumbs that are flooded, where it is also about water.

It was really absolutely moving for everyone. When we sang the OM after the earth healing, we always sing that, each in his own tone and tempo. It was after the second OM that the heavens opened, so to speak, a dimensional gate opened. The voices were suddenly completely somewhere else, out of orbit, a tremendous force.

It seemed to us that we had opened something. This is not a new experience, it happens to us more often in earth healings when we come together as a group, also especially in sacred places. But it is not natural that such an opening happens. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, this time it happened and we were all very happy about that.

After the earth healing perceptible, as always, a rise of energy, tingling in the feet, rising warmth, a feeling of happiness."