Update July 30, 2021

Medicine Wheel 2021 - Over the Hills and Mountain Tops

An international Project on Sunday, July 25, 2021

The "Green Day of Mother Earth"

Let's create one, two three - many Medicine Wheels!

Send the Power of Thoughts to the Waters of the Earth!

Dear ones all,

Still under the impression of our recent wonderful meditation ceremony and filled with the power of thought that you great participants shared with everyone yesterday and directed together towards the waters and our Mother Earth, I am sending you a first newsletter.

I thank all participants from the bottom of my heart and hope very intensely that we will come together again for a similar project next year!

The follow-up phase has started already. I would be happy if you could send me a short report about your meditation experience - no matter what, whether personal or more general - which I would then like to include, anonymously of course, in an overall account of all. Of course, this is all voluntary.

Send me your pictures, which I may then also use in the picture show ! Larger files - e.g. videos - can be sent to me via WeTransfer or Dropbox.

In the course of the preparations for this year's event, many new aspects have emerged that will certainly flow into the next project in 2022. I would also be happy to receive your suggestions and proposals.

As soon as the follow-up (report on the experience, map, picture show) is completed, the preparations for 2022 will begin. As always, I will keep you informed, so check your emails and my website from time to time.

Big hugs,

Joachim Koch July 30, 2021