Medicine Wheel 2021 - Project and Meditation Instructions

Medicine Wheel 2021 - Over the Hills and Mountain Tops

An international Project on Sunday, July 25, 2021

The "Green Day of Mother Earth"

Let's create one, two three - many Medicine Wheels!

Send the Power of Thoughts to the Waters of the Earth!

With the meditation ceremony we amplify the energy of the wonderful and multicoloured Medicine Wheel around the geographical centre of Germany in Niederdorla, Thuringia, which was created by all of us together on 25.07.2020. With this we created a cosmic lighthouse that radiates far into space and indicates that here on our planet Earth, well-intentioned living beings show that they want to be part of the cosmic community in love and do everything to keep their cosmic gift, the Earth, in health.

Cosmic Lighthouse

Graphic&Copyright: Martin Engelmann

We will come together again on 25 July 2021, each in our own place or together in a joint place, to renew our Covenant with the Living Earth. The essence of all life is water, which will be the focus of our meditation ceremony this time.

I would like you all to go to a water of your intuitive choice in the immediate, near future to pour some of it into a glass bottle. Place it in a good spot meanwhile and cover it with your love. I will go to the river Havel spring next week and take water from there. This river flows right through my hometown Berlin.

A wonderful lake

Graphic&Copyright: Martin Engelmann

From now on, take the 25th of July intensively into your thoughts, think again and again about what you want to do. On 25 July itself, try to direct your thoughts to the afternoon. With this procedure you will create the focused, coherent energy field that should find its climax at meditation time. The GCP (Global Consciousness Project) will accompany us again and it has always been shown that such a meditation ceremony was particularly successful when it was not just the one hour, but the whole day with the peak at the chosen hour. The decay phase should also be hours, which means that you may want to continue to think about the meditation and feel its energy for the moments after and the following hours.

Prepare your local Medicine Wheels with the familiar colours. Last year you created wonderful structures, I don't know how many times I have looked at the sequence of pictures by now. In addition to all the other things you put into the medicine wheel, now put the glass jar with your water in one of the colours you intuitively chose. Tell me later which colour it was.

The meditation ceremony begins at 15:00 CEST (=13:00 UT)or, if this is more appropriate for you, at 3:00pm your local time. It is up to you whether you read the text of the "Covenant with the Living Earth" aloud before the meditation or introduce it quietly during the meditation. The meditation ceremony officially ends after one hour, but those who wish to stay longer are free to do so. Sometimes the feeling is just so nice, you like to have a little more of it.

The meditation ceremony is divided into 3x20 minutes:

** the first 20 minutes (always flowing transitions) are for attunement: to come to rest. Really important: at the very beginning of your attunement, visualise the image of a whitish-bright protective shell that surrounds your place and you and protects you from negative influences. Then try to imagine our earth as a planet, to see it as a planet. In the days before, take a look at some NASA pictures of the planetary system and the earth, or perhaps even print them out and put them in your medicine wheel. This cosmic attunement often helps to detach from the actual locality/physicality and to uplift. Everyone, of course, has their own method of stepping out of the body at times.

Apollo 11-Bild

Graphic&Copyright: NASA

"** the second 20 minutes (always flowing transitions) serve to focus on the water. Remember where you placed the water on the medicine wheel and feel into the vessel and the water. Try to be in the vessel. And then try to imagine the beautiful images of the waters of the Earth, the springs and streams, how they jump over the stones, the lakes and then the rivers, how they join with others and finally flow into the seas and oceans and unite. Try to feel the vitality of the water, yes, perhaps be one of those white-crested little waves or one of those great billows yourself. Imagine the living beings in the waters of the Earth and greet them, send them your love. And in doing so, release the feeling that you want to keep the water pure and that humanity realises that the planet needs clean water to survive. Give in to every water vision, even the painful ones, which come to you in these 20 minutes. Do not be ashamed of a tear. In the end, however, always remain positive.

Mankind and Water

Graphic&Copyright: Martin Engelmann

** the third 20 minutes (always flowing passages) serve to calm you down again, just as the sun always breaks through the clouds. Now you are free and you can go with your "guides", if you have them, to other places where you think it is important to be now. If you notice "surprising guests", check their motivation. If you need help, look for it in the circle of meditators or in our Medicine Wheel with its multiple anchor points. You are safe in any case.

At the end of this third phase or afterwards, take your water from the medicine wheel and pour a little of it on the ground inside your medicine wheel. At that moment you connect to all the waters of our earth. A sacred, venerable moment.

The Swimmers

Graphic&Copyright: Martin Engelmann

The rest of the water in your glass jar henceforth carries the energy and information of the moment of our meditation ceremony. Pick it up and take it with you. It is now a kind of "sacred water" with which you can do much good. The place of your meditation ceremony has, like last year, been given a grid filled with your energy pattern. So from now on you can repeat this ceremony with the same water from the same place in the same way when you need new water. Always be sure that you have established your protective shell beforehand and that no negative influences can creep in. And even then, only a few drops are ever enough for application, because the information of your "sacred water" is immediately transferred to the waters of the area where you apply it: a body with its waters, a spring, a landscape or with animals if you carry it with you.

We are One.

Joachim Koch June 2021