Basic Project Information 2021

Medicine Wheel 2021 - Over the Hills and Mountain Tops

An international Project on Sunday, July 25, 2021

The "Green Day of Mother Earth"

Let's create one, two three - many Medicine Wheels!

Send the Power of Thoughts to the Waters of the Earth!

My name is Joachim Koch, I live in Brieselang near Berlin, Germany.

We all know that Mother Earth is in distress because many sacred laws concerning the treatment of nature have been violated and continue to be violated.

We must change this and I would like to ask for your all-important spiritual support. On July 25, 2021, we, that is to say simple and free people, will once again gather around the geographical center of Germany and hold a great peace and healing meditation ceremony. Many kind-hearted and peace-loving people will gather in different places in Germany and visualize the image of the great Medicine Wheel which we created last year in a similar ceremony with drums and prayers a round the geographical center of Germany which is near the small village of Niederdorla, Thuringia. The four colors of the Medicine Wheel were conceived and given to the Medicine Wheel by 24 women.

The German Medicine Wheel

I would like to emphasize here that we will never imitate or abuse the sacred customs of the First Nations. Our Medicine Wheel is a German creation and its name implies healing and connection to Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Great Spirit connected to everything.

I would like to ask you to discuss and consider if we can cooperate in any way or even join together on this day to bring healing to Mother Earth, to the Winged Ones, to the Swimmers, to the Four Legged Ones and to the Two Legged Ones. We have heard many of the songs and many of the drums of the Native Nations, read and understood many of their words, and now would like to ask you from the Peace Alliance if there is a way to join you in moving forward on a path that is arduous, but at the end of which healing occurs and peace and freedom is waiting.

Together we can bring people back to hearing the voices of nature, to respecting living things, and to once again seeing the waters of the planet as a sacred gift, the precious essence of life.

The focus of our July project this time is on the waters of our planet. The spectrum of all things related to this is immense. We humans too, with our average 70% body water, are a direct part of the planetary water, depend on it and are in constant exchange with it. Water is life is information is cosmic connection. In 2004, water was for the first time the central theme of meditation in our ("Projekt Toliman") - almost unbelievable and wonderful things happened around our meditation event.

The Swimmers

Graphic&Copyright: Martin Engelmann

I would like to ask every participant, female or male, to go in advance of the ceremony to a water of your choice, fill any amount of it into a bottle and then pour a part of it, at the given time at the place of your meditation on 25 July, with beautiful, accompanying words onto our Mother Earth. At this moment, the connection to the planetary waters together with those who live in them, "the swimmers", will be established and strengthened from your place without change. I, for example, will travel to the river Havel spring (the river Havel flows right through Berlin) and fetch my water from there.

July 25th is a sacred day for Mother Earth. It is, according to the Mayan calendar, the "green day" or "day out of time" where Mother Earth is resting from the past cycle and is preparing for the next cycle of the year to come. All prayers or energies released on this day will have an effect on the next cycle.

We have achieved a lot with our actions in the past years. We activated the old holy lines and megalithic buildings in England and in Germany, we erased negative energy patterns in the "Thingstaette" at the Heiligenberg (Germany), we ventured to the Abyss inside the Wewelsburg (Germany), meditated in front of the Vatican (Italy), sang in front of the London Stone in the heart of the black financial world in the City of London, tied earth ties in the circle of Goseck (Germany), honored the sun at the Queste (Thuringia, Germany) and inoculated many springs and rivers of our homeland with our meditations. Everywhere in Germany and in other countries our crystals are hidden and maintain a protective net. In the summer of 2020, we finally built a Medicine Wheel with a diameter of almost 140 km around the geographical center of our country, from which our positive energy now emanates and works in a focused way. All the places where you have been are the anchor points of this Wheel - and will remain so.

Links of all participants with the center

Last summer, you, our American friends, joined our Medicine Wheel Ceremony in the Biodome in Waynsville, TN, or from their favorite place at home and created and intensified the released energies up to the following day.

Biodome Waynsville, TN

This year, another internationally active group will join us and will include their sites where they have left crystals in the past. This sites a scattered on all continents. This summer, I hope to make contact to more Native Nations and indigenous people. Right at the moment the Kanaka Maoli Nation (Hawaii) has shown interest. I hope for more.

Our effort on July 25 is a non-profit grassroots outdoor event performed by peace loving people. We do not use computer conferences or the like on this day. It is simply Nature and us connected by the power of Spirit and Thought. Our ancestors once have been also free tribes who lived in Nature and followed their own rules and those of Nature only. Of course, this is long ago and history has changed everything several times but one thing was never lost: the will to be and to live in freedom.

Now I would like to ask you to discuss and consider if there is any possibility for you for praying, singing and drumming together with us on July 25, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. your time for Mother Earth. We are seeking allies all over the World to make our grass-roots effort a great success for all humankind. I think, your goals and ours are the same. If you would like to receive more information about this unique event, please write to me.

I have wonderful event stickers over here. If you would like to have one, please write to me and I will send the amount you would like to have for free. Please don't forget to write down your postal address.

I have put together a few pictures of last year's ceremony which can be seen here.

We are One.

Joachim Koch 22.06.2021