Update July 24, 2020

Medicine Wheel 2020 - Over the Hills and Mountain Tops

Saturday, July 25, 2020

The "Green Day of Mother Earth"

Let's create one, two three - many Medicine Wheels!

Dear friends and those interested in the project "Medizinrad 2020",

the day of the peace and healing ceremony - July 25th - is just around the corner.

I would like to thank all the participants who have contributed in such a great way to this important project.

The team for the geogr. center of Germany is on its way and will arrive tomorrow in the late afternoon. All other participants have also chosen a place where they will hold the ceremony. I can assure you that the motto "Over the hills and mountain tops" will be fulfilled wonderfully.

In a time like ours, which is characterized by irresponsible overexploitation of the planetary resources and the resulting climate changes, pollution and contamination of the seas, loss of coexistence and increasing, consciously promoted intensification of the antagonism between people, the question arises for each and everyone: what can I do to make things better? We know the answer: it is man's ability to influence - and also create - realities with his spiritual power. This is what we want to do. Men and women together.

Through the voluntary cooperation of independent, positive thinking and feeling humans at 30 German and European power places, we will bring about a transformation in the medium and long term. From the Biodome in Waynsville, NC, USA a 16 women's group and a women's group of 3 from Rogersville, TN will connect with us and also Crete will be connected with us in thought.

The Medicine Wheel 2020, which we will energetically initialize together on July 25th through the spiritual potential of our group community around the geographical center of Germany near Niederdorla, will be unique in all of Europe. Its dimensions have been carefully chosen, and important mountain ranges and power places will be captured and enclosed. The circular structure that we will establish here on this planet at this hour on this day and that will then connect with the earth's magnetic field will not only become a physical reality. The medicine wheel is the scaffolding that we will fill this time with the text of Eutonnah, our affirmations, our gifts, our hopes and desires, with our spirit.

From July 25, 2020 on, this medicine wheel will remain forever and can never be destroyed. It will become the bearer of hope for a better future and a beacon for those who look to us. The Medicine Wheel in the heart of Europe will be our confirmation that we are aware of our responsibility for the earth and that we want to open and pass on this awareness to those who come after us. It will be a sign and will be noticed and understood by those who have been with us for a long time.

I ask who participate very sincerely to take photos or small videos of your place and send them to me. I would like to create a review in which the material will be incorporated. I would like to publish this review on my website to motivate more people to join us next year at the same time for an even bigger event.

We will continue to work energetically with this scaffolding, the medicine wheel. This year we will establish and ignite it. At the same time next year, we will make it stronger, united with indigenous people on different continents, through a renewed ceremony and let even more positive energy flow into the planetary wounds.

The Medicine Wheel in the middle of Europe will be like a lighthouse and will show far and wide that people of good will live here.

You can then say that you have been there.

Thank you!

Joachim Koch
July 24th,2020