Update April 16, 2020

Medicine Wheel 2020 - Over the Hills and Mountain Tops

Saturday, July 25, 2020

The "Green Day of Mother Earth"

Let's create one, two three - many Medicine Wheels!

Project Medicine Wheel 2020

Newsletter No. 03

Dear friends and those interested in the project " Medicine Wheel 2020",

I have waited until today with another newsletter to monitor the course of the pandemic and to include the latest decisions of the government and heads of state.

Of course, Corona significantly affects our plans. A lot of important preparation time has been lost in the meantime, nobody could really be approached or motivated anymore. However, I am not giving up hope yet and do not want to cancel the project yet. But what I do not want in any case is that even one person would be infected with Corona through his/her voluntary participation. That would be irresponsible.

" Major events" are prohibited until the end of August. Our Medicine Wheel should have been a major event, but on site it would have consisted of smaller groups and also individuals. I therefore intend to write to the responsible authorities of the four federal states geographically affected by the project and ask for their assessment of whether the Medicine Wheel falls under " major event" and would thus also be prohibited. It is also not yet possible to assess what the local ban on gatherings in July will look like.

So far the state of developments for the moment. If there are any questions, please write.

Have a good time for now, keep the faith, stay healthy,

Joachim Koch
April 16,2020