Update No.02 February 2020

Medicine Wheel 2020 - Over the Hills and Mountain Tops

Saturday, July 25, 2020

The "Green Day of Mother Earth"

Let's create one, two three - many Medicine Wheels!

Project Medicine Wheel 2020

Newsletter No. 02

What is "Project Medicine Wheel 2020"?

It is a voluntary cooperation of independent, positively thinking and feeling people on a certain day and place with the aim to positively influence and direct the current course of events on our earth by means of common spiritual, focused concentration.

In its structure it is and remains a pure grassroots project, to whose success all participants contribute their personal share.

Why a Medicine Wheel?

Often a vision, a visualised resonance with the information of an energy field, is the beginning of a path or the trigger of an action. Our vision, the Medicine Wheel, in the ancient tradition of the North American First Nations, refers to a sacred place where special ceremonies were and are performed using the energies already present there in the form of a place of power. Most, if not all, of the Medicine Wheels also have an astronomical reference. The stones arranged in a circle with their spokes and the central hub gave these places their name. Medicine here means an all transcending power/energy. Something similar we know from the stone circles of the megalithic culture in Europe.

At a time like ours, which is characterised by irresponsible plundering of the planetary ressources and the resulting climatic changes, pollution and contamination of the seas, loss of harmony and increasing intensification of hostility between people, the question arises for everyone: what can I do against it? We know the answer: it is the human being's ability to influence - and also create - realities with his or her mental/spiritual power. This is what we want to do.

Why the central point of Germany?

Special places lend special effects to special ceremonies. The current geographical centre of Germany near Niederdorla is perfectly suited to be the hub of a medicine wheel. A glance at the map of Europe shows that even on this scale it can have a special radiance if we succeed in creating a complete medicine wheel through our presence. For this purpose, the connecting line from the geogr. centre to the Brocken in the Harz Mountains was chosen as a radius and a circle was drawn with it, which forms the circumference of the Medicine Wheel.

As a result, several heights have been covered, which with their mythical places and power places are ideally suited to be parts of the medicine wheel. If these power places are activated and used on, within or near the perimeter, the energetic structure of a Medicine Wheel in the heart of Germany will be formed effortlessly and immediately and take effect. The connections of the particular teams from their locations to the centre will then form the spokes of the wheel and those of supra-regional or international groups will act like rays.

Why did we choose July 25, 2020?

Certain dates increase the energy of an action. According to the Mayan calendar, this is the Green Day of the Earth Mother, when she recovers from the cycle completed the previous day to begin a new calendar run on July 26. Everything that happens on 07/25 can have an effect on the new annual cycle.

How does the ceremony unfold?

First of all it should be a happy day for all! The preparations of the individual groups will already cause a higher energy level in the days before 07/25 anyway. The energetic peak will be reached when the ceremony begins on July 25th at 20:00 CEST (= 18:00 UT) and should last for one hour. It is entirely up to the individuals and groups to decide how to get in the right mood beforehand. A beautiful day in nature with the ceremony in the evening, a session with instruments in the afternoon, everything is possible. However, for the hour from 20:00 to 21:00 it would be good if we followed some kind of protocol together. So I would like to divide this special time spiritually into 4 meditative guided sections, details will follow in the next newsletters. Most important for the success will be that we are all connected at the same time!

Will our ceremony have any effect?

Clearly and unambiguously: yes! If we make an effort to mobilize all the energy available to us at this crucial hour and channel it into the image of the medicine wheel, we will reach global human consciousness. The scientifically measurable evidence for this fantastic quality of the human mind — to influence realities — was provided by the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) of Princeton University under the direction of Prof. Roger Nelson. The GCP has been running 24 hours a day for more than 20 years without interruption and through its worldwide network has been able to measure how the global human consciousness reacts and interacts with physical measuring devices in special situations that affect or affect a large number of people. Thus, Prof. Nelson was able to confirm, in response to later demand, that our global project, starting from Avebury in England in 2002, has had a significant effect. We want to repeat this great success on 25.07. and act like a healing infusion into the planetary sphere!

Brief information on the current status of the project

The mailing list has grown encouragingly. There are already groups who have chosen places for the 07/25, for example at the centre ( the hub), in the Rhön, in the Harz and in the Thuringian Forest. There are even overnight accommodations for external participants and a camping site nearby. I have received an interested contact from Austria and an email from Switzerland. The FGK (www.fgk.org) supports the project considerably. At the moment we are in contact with indigenous people all over the world, we will see what can be achieved there. The medicine wheel is shown on the website . I would be happy to send you detailed pictures of the area from the different regions and I am also grateful for every hint and every suggestion!

For our planet!

Joachim Koch
February, 29th, 2020