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Joachim Koch und Hans-Jürgen Kyborg

Preparations for 2004 - The Meditation Project of June 21st, 2003

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

on July 24th 2002, with the help of positive-grounded groups, organisations and individuals from all backgrounds, origin, colour and continents, something wonderful, amazing and mighty came into existence - for the first time ever in this particular way.

At that period of human time, while our beloved Planet Earth was softly spinning around to grant warmth and the light of our Mighty Mother Sun to one half of humankind and at the same time to remind the other half of their ancestors, the sparkling stars above, below and around, suddenly a sheltering hull of spiritual energy was wrapped around this blue-white precious like a smooth white warming blanket.

In this very day and night, from continent to continent, silently and most peacefully, this hull became stronger and stronger and finally the sheltering hull spread its gentle white light into the surrounding universe signalling to those watching spirits that here we all again had confirmed our will to maintain responsibility for this living body, our wounded Mother Earth.

At the same time, one time around, ancient gates were reactivated inside/beside stones/circles and trees, on the nerve-like energy lines upon the planetary surface, at the shores of sacred rivers,lakes and fountains or beside or upon sacred hills or mountains. Through these newly opened pores our beloved Mother Earth started to breathe again and inhaled the energy of the coating hull - we all and everything became one and the same in that night - once again.

In our first email one year ago in which Hans-Juergen Kyborg and I, Joachim Koch from Berlin, Germany, introduced ourselves, told a bit of our origin and motives, we wrote on May 1st, 2002 (please let me quote only these few lines):

"Great changes are lying ahead - and it depends on us to become active. That is the reason why I am trying to get in contact with the Native American Nations. In the light of what is going on on our planet the need for our activity has become urgent. This and the next year are crucial ones. That is the reason why we are writing to you."

"I know that our white European Civilisation has caused immense damage to the planet and to many Native Nations in the past and is doing so in the present. In England, during our research [on crop circles,placesof energy and stone circles], we have met quite a lot of [white] Americans and many do think like we do. Our Great Mother needs help and this is what we are trying to give her every year in these very old and major sacred sites in and near Avebury in Southern England.

Despite we are white men and women - we now are coming back to the Native Nations to ask for forgiveness and their help to try to start anew - this time together and united."

And finally:

"When we look back in history - how many empires have raised and faded away, some even without leaving a trace, then we might be very confident that this will happen again and again. But one thing will never fade away: the spirit of those who care for our Mother Earth."

Our effort could never have been accomplished with the great help of the Native Nations who responded in such a grand way. From the beginning, we really could not have been sure if they would take our stretched-out hand - but many many did.

We always were moved and felt most grateful everytime when we received another response such as - only to give you a few names - :

ShaunaSay WhiteFeather Tate, Spiritual Leader Red  Nation of the Cherokee;

J.C.High Eagle, Osage/Cherokee Nation;

Motherquail Becky Jones;

Gregg J. Bourland, Tribal Chairman Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe;

Grandma Sioux Good Face Swanson;

Calvin J.Standing Bear,Oglala/Sucangu Lakota from the Rosebud Sioux Reservation of South Dakota;

Paul Pommier,,Elder Barbareno Chumash;

Long Standing Bear,Chief of the Blackfoot Nation;

Tony Cerda, Tribal Chairman Ohlone Bear Clan Elder;

Jolene Schonchin, Public Information Officer Comanche Nation;

Damon Gerard Corrie, Hereditary Chief and Traditional Spiritual Leader of the 900 member Eagle Clan Arawaks of Guyana;

Karenne Wood, Program Director, Monacan Indian Nation;

Kay Colbert-Hall, Chickasaw Nation;

Deb Bowman, Adm. Asst.,Menominee Treaty Rights/Mining Impacts Office;

Jane McAtty, Nez Perce Tribe;

Ernesto Scott Lockwood,las Naciones Nativas, la Moskitia en Nicaragua;

Eddie Benton-Banaise, Grand Chief, the Three Fires Midewiwin Society - and numerous more individual members of the various Nations and Tribes on all continents in their actual or former physical existences as far as they have responded.

Through all times and despite all colonisation and oppression, the Native Nations have maintained what we Europeans have to re-discover now: the true connection to our Mother Earth. They have guarded the vulnerable flame of hope through the centuries. They deserve our highest respect.

It is time to give our Mother Earth the opportunity to take another deep breath through the gates/pores we all have opened last year. It will be easy to achieve - and if we all work together again it will be as mighty as before.

We would like to ask you to tune in to the 'World Peace and Prayer  Day' on June 21st held upon Aboriginal land in Australia with all the power we are able to set free.

Again, we would like to ask you for your support by doing meditational work at your convenience on that day. We are planning to get in contact with the organizers to let them know that again, at a special time, one time around this planet the human spirit will give them a boost for their effort and that, beside this, we are refreshing what was achieved one year before and...that we will use this day to prepare ground for a far greater event in 2004 where we would like to resonate the pulse of our Great Mother to your drums, worldwide at the same day, at the same seconds. The date will be given.

Imagine, just imagine, that - in Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu,Tokio, Peking, New Delhi, Moscow, Kairo, Athens, Rome, Bern, Budapest, Prag and Warshaw and on the isles and in the landscapes inbetween, wherever there is a powerspot and wherever you are, people on the third planet of this solar system are standing and beating the drums all three seconds at the same time for three minutes, then make a break of ten minutes for a deep and strong meditation towards the ten main physical bodies in our solar system and finally start again three minutes of drumming. This might be the core of whatever you would like to make out of it for yourself or with your group/organisation.

Last time we were sitting in a quiet atmosphere at our very places. Next time, beside the important remote variant, we are trying to make it to a worldwide event again with much more attention this time -- here and there.

If you are interested to know more about this unique effort -- please let us know. If you are not please let us know either. Last time we have been successful because we have been many on time around the planet.

One drum is good - two drums are louder!      

For our Mother Earth,

Peace and Light

Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg

March 2003, Berlin, Germany

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