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C. Renée Hirschfeld - Composer: "Music reflects colors of silence."

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  • Three examples of his current work:

    Sonata Nr. 2 for Violin solo:

    Cicadas - music for viola and accompaniment:

    The "Blue Door", a text reading by my husband, Korvin Reich, with accompaniment in the background:

    Musicians vocals


    "Magic Hand | A Thankful Song from the Heart of Silence - Homage to the Miracle of Life"

    In the midst of the changes that have been taking their sad course for two years now, we continue to feel the longing for the life that is possible when all people live together peacefully, free from fear. Our work is based on the wish that people may break out of that inner prison of greed, fear and unconsciousness and venture out into the larger world of life. A life in which the experience of the moment is a higher good than the success that is rewarded with money and goods and the power that arises from (seemingly) having more or being more than others.

    This is the wish from which this song has sprung. May it bring joy to all and remind us that this life is a unique and precious miracle. May it remind us that we all have a choice in every moment. The choice to give our love to life or to harm it by what springs from our false ideals.with that which springs from our false ideals.

    May you be happy.
    May you live in peace.

    We appreciate donations to publish more songs (there are already many waiting).:
    IBAN: DE62500105175400914168
    Intended purpose: "DONATION" or "GIFT".

    We are especially happy about participants in our courses:

    We usually work as trainers and therapists. Of music or video production we understand only what we have acquired on the side. The quality corresponds to the state of our capabilities. So it''s not perfect compared to what's on the radio. We are happy if you rather look and listen with your heart, instead of with your judging mind, which always finds a mistake. Thanks for that!
    For this reason, we can not offer this song for sale on the üblichen platforms. That requires a certain final quality..

    Julia Vitalis

    Female Fortitude

    From 2016 until its realization as a publicly funded music video, I bore with me the channeled power song for all women of the world. Since then it has been translated into many languages and can be freely downloaded as a song for healing. All those who feel inspired by it inspired by it, can send me artistic contributions or cover versions for publication on the internet.

    All info here:

    This song lives through your support by spreading it in your channels. Please feel free to use the already existing translations or translate the song into your native language if it is not yet represented. You are also welcome to share tips for spreading and networking to Thanks!

    Art creators picture&text

    Korvin Reich - Draftsman, painter and lyricist

    My intention is to observe and present the transcendent perception of reality. For this I have developed a thematically wide range of themes, from landscapes, interiors, animal and plant representations to letters and texts.

    Regardless of the broad choice of themes, it is always about the exploration of the spiritual world, which underlies the figurative, but is hidden and thus actually eludes pictorial representation. In recent years, works have been created in different areas with their respective emphases, all of which relate to one element. To the elements I count after old Indian model also space and consciousness. However, language or a mode of action can also be understood as an element. Parallel to the pictorial work I write lyrical texts, which in turn use a very pictorial language.

    An example of his current work as a painter:

    "Mount Athos early at five" - 135x90, Mixed technique on canvas (2015)

    Berg Athos früh um Fünf
    Click here for a larger picture

    Link his website - please have a look at his extraordinary German lyrics!

    A. Ina Schindler Belloum - holistic graphic- and web-design, animation , text, HypnoticArt

    Click here for her surprising website

    For more information please click here:

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