Pandora's Box

Foto von der offiziellen HAARP Website - Photo from the official HAARP website

Some details about HAARP - more in the video (in German, sorry)

The HAARP antenna field with its 180 masts covers a rectangular 346x426m area. The white containers contain the transmitters for the masts, one container for each 6 masts. In each container there is a transmitter for each mast in duplicate, so that a power of 20 KW is available for each mast. Transmissions are made from 2.8-10 MHz. However, the entire HAARP facility is much larger and contains even more technical equipment.

The complete HAARP antenna system (IRI) consists of many horizontally polarised antenna elements. Each of these antenna elements consists of two upper and two lower crossed dipole antennas mounted on a 24 m high mast. The upper or lower dipoles are chosen depending on the frequency required. Above left is a picture of the whole antenna, which consists of four steerable dipole antennas, aligned almost north-south and east-west. They are mounted at a height of 19 metres and are passively cooled at the base of the mast to guarantee stability in the permafrost soil. A net is installed at a height of 3 metres, which acts like a screen against influences from below.

The official version of the entire program read:

"The High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is a program focused on the study of upper atmosphere and solar system physics and radio science. The technical expertise and acquisition services required to manage, administer, and evaluate the program are provided by the Air Force in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory, the Navy Office of Naval Research and Naval Research Laboratory, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
The Department of Defense (DoD) conducts Arctic research to ensure the development of knowledge, understanding, and capabilities to meet national defense needs in the Arctic."

But what is also possible:

USAF Scientific Advisory Board, New World Vistas 1996:

"It is conceivable to develop electromagnetic energy sources that are pulsed, shaped, and targeted in such a way as to interact with the human body in a manner that makes it possible to inhibit independent muscle movement, control emotions (and thus actions), induce sleep, transmit suggestions, and influence both short-term and long-term memory"

USAF Scientific Advisory Board, New World Vistas 1996:

"It would also be possible to generate conversations in the human body, allowing secret promptings and psychological guidance to be used."

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