Singer from the "Dean Martin Show" clarifies: 

"Yes,  I am Billy's "Extraterrestrial"

Four years ago, Michelle DellaFave wouldn't believe her eyes: in the Internet she stumbled across a photograph showing an "ET-Lady" which allegedly was taken by Swiss UFO-trickster Billy Meier himself. "That is not true: it is me!" states the former dancer from the "Dean Martin Show" definitely in an interview with Swiss magazine "mysteries"

In 1998 the news spread through the Internet like a wildfire: together with US researcher Kal Korff "mysteries"- publisher Luc Buergin had convicted UFO-hoaxer Billy Meier (73) of lying once again. After Meier's ex-wife provided the decisive hint that Billy had fabricated allegedly photographed "UFOs" from trash can lids and flowerpot saucers, now his snapshots of female ETs turned out to be fakes, too.

For decades Billy Meier fooled the public with his UFO photographs - and brought also discredit upon thousands of credible witnesses who had seen mysterious sightings in the sky. Additionally, in the mid-70ties he had photographed two singers of the "Dean Martin Show" from the TV-screen. The "ET-prophet", as he was celebrated by his followers, exploited commercially these blurry photographs for decades claiming them to be "original photographs of the Extraterrestrials  Asket and Nera".

Even his ex-wife could only shake her head in 1998 on camera when Buergin and Korff presented her the the video footage from 1970. "This similarity is amazing" she said when she saw Dean Martin's dancer and heard her singing in the show. "My husband had done a really good job." (Exclusive excerpt of these old TV-interviews you'll find in the Internet under: . An English translation will soon be available.)

Believing knows no logic. So until today, despite all what is proving him wrong, Billy still claims to be the only extraterrestrial contactee. Greetings from Uriella! And so the father of six children with his biblical beard enjoys the eve of his life in Hinterschmidrueti (Zuerich, Swiss) where he is surrounded by dozens of true believers of his FIGU - and where he is still denouncing the world's overpopulation. 

Many of his faked photographs taken on his alleged "space trips" were quickly removed when his tricks became public in 1998, such as those showing living dinosaurs and the snapshots of his  blonde "ET-Women". 

Too bad for the hoaxer that the affected one got knowledge of his swindle. She really realized this all not before 2007, the American singer Michelle DellaFave conceded. 

Not long ago she stated to the American "Independent Investigation Group" that the two "Extraterrestrials" in Meier's photographs show her and  her American singer colleague Susan Lund! " The photograph of Susie and me is taken from the "Dean Martin Show" where we performed as the "Golddiggers" for quite a long time", says Michelle DellaFave. "Meier's photographs might belong to the year 1971 because I wore these curly strands to both sides of my face. If I recall correctly, the photos derive from a sequence when we grouped around Dean Martin singing the wonderful ballad "Welcome to my world."

(At that time Michelle acted in a sub-group of the "Golddiggers" named "The Dingalings" and one song was the same: "Ding-a-ling". Joachim found the whole sequence from where the photograph above derives from, look here!  There is a spoken introduction and at 00:35 the whole song starts.) (Added on May 25, 2011)

Probabely these shows were broadcasted in Europe in the mid-70ties. She is not angry about Billy's hoax says the tolerant singer. " The only thing I want people to know is that it is me! everyone who sees a photograph if him/herself knows best who is shown there!" 

As a newcomer to the Internet she collected infos about herself and came across the Asket photo. "First I thought it to be a joke", Michelle DellaFave explains to "mysteries". " I really had no information about that so far. As a spiritual being and Star Trek fan I nearly feel a bit honoured that Billy chose me as an "Extraterrestrial". On the other other hand it is clear that my face was used illegally.

Wild abuse - and no answer!

And what does Billy Meier say? Nothing. Since many years he refuses to give any interviews. Instead he announces in the Internet since his exposure that "evil-willing ET-powers later have manipulated a large number of his photograps." Upon a request of "mysteries" the man refuses to put in concrete terms which of his "space travel" photographs were manipulated later by "evil powers" and which not. Maybe he is afraid of  additional exposures?

In a fax of January 5, 2011, in response of a four page catalogue with Buergin' questions, Billy Meier complained wildly;" According to your questions I answer that these do not interest me at all and therefore I will not answer them. For me and also for all FIGU members your strange request is no longer relevant (...) and I want to state that I do not wish further correspondence regarding this matter!" - - Ouch!

By the way: Billy's "UFO buzz" from the 70ties meanwhile found a mundane explanation. As US researcher Phil Langdon found out it can be reproduced with easy tools: stretch out a metal rope between two trees and fix a few UFO models in the middle section of it. If the wind blows appropliately, the oscillating vibrations penetrate the models similar to a guitar string. The models "amplify" the vibrations acousticly with extreme loudness. 

Becoming curious? Look here: . To hear the results of the Langdon's tone-experiments click here .  

Thanks to Luc Buergin and "mysteries" for permission to translate the material. - Joachim Koch, Berlin, Germany