Linda Cortile Re-Surfaces

by Luis R. Gonzalez Manso


Linda Cortile has just published a personal account of her abduction in French (Mon Cas: 30 Novembre 1989 - La Gazette Forteenne #2, 2003). It reads like a novel. Linda surely has improved her story-telling skills!

There are some new revelations on it. Unfortunately my French is not what it should be, so I only comment on the most surprising, to me, aspects.

Linda mentions a new witness - Fred, a driver of New York Post truck on the Brooklyn Bridge. I would like to know more about him, specially how he was not located earlier. But the plot thickens. As you know the last version of her story refers to at least a dozen U.N. limos getting stopped at the intersection between South St and Catherine Slip. Dan, Richard and the Third Man travelling in the very first car (security guidelines non-withstanding).

Skeptics wondered why nobody saw them. But now, Linda explains: "At the New York Post complex, a well-known journalist leaves a nearby bar. Too drunk to drive, he ask one of the drivers if he can drop him home. The driver answers that the lorries cannot move because there are several limos blocking the street. He even suspected that the big boss could be paying a visit to the newspaper".

Does anybody know the name of this witness and why he did not appeared before? Another surprise is the strange odour that surrounded our three abductees on the street.

Now at least, we have a credible? explanation why the rest of the cavalcade continued the trip. Apparently, they looked inside the Third Man's limo, found nobody, and thought they had got aboard another car!

Against previous versions, this time Richard located her almost inmediately, suspected they were abducted almost since the beginning, and they put Linda under surveillance. Surprisingly, they did not know she was meeting Budd Hopkins!! I certainly would like to learn more details about all this.

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